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Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring, Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring


This  ring features a grey-Black hexagon diamond with our signature 6-stone setting, featuring Salt and pepper Diamond.

Ring Specifications:

  • one of a kind grey-black hexagon diamond has gorgeous color + step-cut faceting
  • diamond weighs 2.38 ct + measures10.5 x 8 mm
  • smooth, polished, round yellow gold band measures 1.5 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring features natural, ethically-sourced stones and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This ring is ready to ship in a U.S. size 7.  If you require an alternate size, please allow 3-5 days for our resizing process.
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Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring


The love-struck center jewel is the stylish, hexagonally shaped salt and pepper stone that gives your ring that mysterious shimmer. Nuances are our strength. Skillfully set in our imprint, 14 k Rose Gold can be worn independently or stackable with coordinating with groups. The precious stones are ordinarily excellent with the incorporations, and the hexagonal cut gives an exciting and trendy shape to the ring. This gritty shimmer jewel is inspired by nature. Pushed by the radiance and mystery of a shooting star, our hexagonal salt and pepper Diamond ring assists us with recollecting these incredible runs of light that shoot across the night sky.

Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring

Your novel is an imperfect masterpiece. As stand-out and phenomenal as you wish. A knockout in the category of ring classification makes sure to impress your partner. This ring highlights a dark Greish Black hexagon jewel with our signature Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring, including Salt and Pepper Diamond. The colossal, hexagonal cut of the salt and pepper precious stone at the point of convergence of this extraordinary wedding ring is astonishing. 


What is Special About This Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring?

The valuable hexagonal stone is expertly faceted in a spectacularly progressed design for the most fantastic sparkle and pop. Never to be outlined definitively the same way again, every valuable stone has its unique elements and traces of Carbon, making each stone different, striking, and remarkable. The wedding band features a gorgeous, fascinating hexagon salt and pepper customary Diamond with vintage and intense energy—the blend of two perfectly imperfect elements added to the piece for a beautiful life ahead. A Six-Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring is a six-sided structure, offering a fascinating jewel shape. Known for their mathematical lines and current tasteful, proprietors of hexagonal diamonds can be almost sure that no one else will have a similar wedding band as you.

Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring

Salt and Pepper Diamond are progressively becoming popular with the present generation who have confidence that “Vintage is the new present-day.” These diamonds go through a broad assessment, and simply fantastic of them are made accessible for our clients. If you are Looking for a Simple and Stylish Statement Ring then This Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring Is the Best Choice.


This Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring highlights regular, morally sourced stones and reused gold. This Diamond is an authentic, earth-mined, and untreated precious Salt and Pepper Diamond. Each piece of the Diamond is nicely created from a wide assortment of best-quality guaranteed parts and can be modified to suit your specific taste, size, budget, and shading decision.

Six Prong Hexagon Diamond Ring

Our group of master gemologists with long aptitude periods ensures that the precious stones are of the best evaluation. Our main goal is to supply a genuine and broad scope of great Natural diamonds at unrivaled costs. We likewise offer discount terms for every one of our items. Kindly send us a Conversation with your prerequisites. Suggestions and custom changes are appreciated.

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