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2 CT Pear Moissanite Engagement Ring With Hidden Halo


This 14 K Yellow Gold Pear Moissanite Engagement Rings Features a 2.5 ct  Pear shape Center Stone In a Prong Setting with Sparkly Hidden Halo Around It, Which Makes it More Stylish and Attractive.

Ring Specifications:

  • Pear Shape Moissanite stone Has a Brilliant Matrix and Fine Quality
  • Pear Shape Center Stones Total Weight 2.8 ct measurements- 12 * 8 mm
  • Round Brilliant Cut Accent stones Total Weight Approximately 0.15 ct
  • 14 K Yellow Gold Smooth Polished Width of approximately 1.8 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring features recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Stone.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom made, So We Need 1 to 2 Week For Manufacturing Process Shipping Process Will Take 5 To 7 Business Day To Deliver Your Product

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”2 CT Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring With Hidden Halo”

Looking for a fascinating pear shaped moissanite engagement ring? Need something that dazzles up her smile? Are you tired of looking for teardrop moissanite rings? One of the most stunning yet vintage-style diamonds that many royals back in the day adored.

Find out why you would love to own a pear-shaped gold engagement ring this wedding season. Learn more about the breathtaking features, quality, history, and beauty of our teardrop-shaped engagement ring in this article. 

The beauty of pear shaped Moissanite engagement ring is an ancient art that is loved by many celebs, royals, and the rich for the reason they portray an extremely lavish legacy of the richness of the bow-tie effect. 

A brief history of pear shaped moissanite engagement ring. 

The pear shape stone is not a new concept. The cut dates back to the 1400s, when world-famous French polisher Lodewyk van Berquem discovered it.

He created the creative teardrop shape by combining the round brilliant and Marquise cuts.

Pear Moissanite Engagement Rings

Features of our magnificent Pear Moissanite Engagement Rings.

  • This moissanite teardrop ring is 100% ethically sourced stone and has recycled gold used in it
  • Our pear shaped moissanite ring has a beautiful pear-shaped stone measuring 2.8ct that enhances the beauty of the ring 
  • The ring has a pleasing feature of a 14K yellow gold polished band 1.8mm. It adds a flawlessly smooth finish to the ring and fits smoothly on the wearer’s hand 
  • This moissanite engagement ring pear has one of the most beautiful round cut accent stones weighing 0.15ct 
  • The ring has a comforting prong setting with a shiny hidden halo around it that brings out the alluring beauty hidden within the stone 

If you are looking to personalize this gold pear shaped Moissanite engagement ring, we are the answer to it. Get your wedding bands customized with us. It creates beautiful, stunning designs and combinations of metal styles that you want! 

Hit the chat box to get instant help while shopping. 

Pear Moissanite Engagement Rings

Take a deeper look into why this is the pear-shaped stone trending. 

The pear-cut stone combines qualities of the modern round brilliant cut and the marquise cut to construct a teardrop-shaped cutting style.

A pear shape moissanite stone is a lovely choice for an engagement ring due to its stylish and slim silhouette. Surprise Partner with  Pear Moissanite Engagement Ring.

The round cut is the most popular gemstone shape in the world because it reflects light gorgeously and has a lot of brilliance and sparkle. The marquise cut is a delicate yet dazzling petite and feminine silhouette.

Why choose Rustic and Gold as your jewelry partner?

The pear-cut diamond creates stacking rings, an additional popular ring trend right now. The unique teardrop shape enhances a wide range of styles, which is what the layering trend is all about.

Pear-cut diamonds are popular in addition to wedding bands, but also for earrings and necklaces. The shape is also ideal for converting family treasures into a more contemporary style statement.

We’ve had a number of requests for custom jewelry pieces made with iconic pear-cut diamonds purchased by beloved. Contec to Rustic and Gold To Get More Details For your Jewelry.