Rustic and Gold About US

Owner & Designer

 I Created Rustic and Gold in 2017.  Rustic and gold serves you with an Authentic and One of a Kind Jewelry Collection. I describe Rustic and Gold as a place where nature lovers unite and find their dream jewelry which is designed with love and care. Based in diamond cutting and polishing hub Surat India, I have observed the growing trend of unusual diamonds in the jewelry industry while learning jewelry designing and decided to give a take to it. And here comes the idea of Rustic and Gold, A rustic diamond with the essence of gold.
 I and my husband collaborate to make rustic and gold a success story. My Husband Snehal is a diamond manufacturer and dealer who is in the business for the last 3 generations and holds great customer service by supplying diamonds to each corner of the globe. While dealing with salt and pepper diamonds, rustic diamonds, rose cut diamonds, I fall in love with the imperfections of those natural beauties, The creation of nature has endless meanings captured inside within. I started learning about these diamonds and then my obsession for those diamonds emerged deeply; this is where I thought to make my own jewelry brand.
  My creativity, imagination, and love for mother earth lead me to take a step further which leads to the Rustic and Gold. The name Rustic stands for the imperfectly perfect diamonds which are in a great trend and the gold stands for purity which makes jewelry brand which is ethical and something you can put your love and trust in.

Our Atelier

Our Process

We believe in sustainability, quick service with the legitimate procedure. Rustic and gold create jewelry with diamonds which have their sources known. We have our own conflict-free diamonds inventory.
At our atelier, we have skilled designers and craftsmen who work constantly towards making better designs carefully. The jewelry we make is made of 14K and 18K gold, we use recycled gold only.
We have a very small production ratio as we only take most of our orders on a custom basis. As we tend to serve our customers with the ring design they would like to create with us. Reach out to us on our website share your ring ideas with us we will take them into consideration and have a talk regarding
the engagement ring you would like us to create for you.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Rustic and gold believe in serving people with their ethically sourced diamonds which are mined under KPC norms. We source diamonds directly from the mines of South Africa and Brazil. As nature lovers, we believe in sourcing diamonds that are eco-friendly and conflict-free. Diamonds that we use in our jewelry are environment friendly which are rose cut diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, rustic diamonds, and black diamonds. So at Rustic and gold, you will find nontraditional diamonds blend with modern designs. This is why Rustic and Gold came to the limelight.

Bespoke Jewelry

We have a pool of professionals from jewelry designers to talented craftsmen who can design one of a kind jewelry as per your wish. Rustic and Gold team can create your dream ring in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold. With a great source of diamonds, recycled gold we can fulfill your wish in meantime.


Why Choose Us

Fast Delivery

We use fast and quick delivery measures with well-known courier delivery careers.

Secure Payment

For quick payment and buyer’s security, we accept Paypal as our payment gateway.

24/7 Support

Our team is active 24/7 who are ready to serve you anytime you try to contact us on our website.