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3.75ct Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring With Hidden Halo


This 14 K White Gold Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring With a Hidden Halo Features 3.75 Emerald shape Stone in a Prong Set With a Beautiful Hidden Halo and a Sparkly Pave Setting Band, Which Makes it More Sparkly and Elegant.

Ring Specifications:

  • Emerald Shape Moissanite Stone Has a Brilliant Matrix and Fine Quality
  • Emerald Shape Center Stones Total Weight 3.75 ct measurements- 10*8 mm
  • Round Brilliant Cut Accent stones Total Weight Approximately 0.40 ct
  • 14 K White Gold Smooth Polished Width of approximately 2 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This emerald cut moissanite ring features recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Stone.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custommade, So We Need 1 to 2 weeks for Manufacturing Process and the Shipping Process Will Take 5 To 7 Business days to Deliver Your Product

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Want the sparkliest gemstone to ask her the big question? Then this emerald cut moissanite ring would be the answer to your question. We have assembled an alluring combination of emerald cut and shimmer of moissanite to create this stylish emerald cut engagement ring. 

emerald cut moissanite ring

This stunning combination is just spectacular to own! The Hidden Halo engagement ring is a unique band you can pick for your engagement day. Make this iconic dainty moissanite engagement ring the star of your wedding day with Rustic and Gold jewelers. 


We have handcrafted this moissanite ring just as you love. Here are all the reasons why this emerald cut moissanite ring gold is a perfect choice. 

Design and custom of this moissanite ring emerald cut. 

emerald cut moissanite ring

  • Our unique 14k white gold engagement ring is a masterpiece itself, crafted with stunning emerald cut moissanite gems making you stand out from the crowd 
  • The band is customized with a 3.75ct emerald center stone and features sparkling handcrafted round cut accent stones in the size of 0.40ct for an extra shimmer look just for your hand
  • The band ticks all your checklist by featuring hidden halo moissanite in a sparkling pave setting 
  • Our hidden halo moissanite engagement ring is exceptionally beautiful with the feature of a 14K white gold band handcrafted in the size of 2mm 
  • The stones used in this emerald cut engagement ring moissanite are ethically sourced and use recycled gold in the making of your special band

emerald cut moissanite ring

What makes this emerald cut moissanite ring unique? 

While selecting your eternal band it is crucial to take note of the stones, styles, sizes, and types of metals being used. Here we have carefully brought together the beauty of heavens and earth by combining two of the rarest pieces, emerald cut and moissanites! 

The selective style of the pave setting with hidden halo moissanite is just breathtaking, making this band a part of the exclusive rare collection at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. 

The handcrafted 14K white gold band is the star feature of the band, giving a modern look with a unique touch of special stones. 

emerald cut moissanite ring

You can now personalize your diamond bands at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. Want to make your special day even more grand? Pick from a dazzling diamond collection with unique stones paired just the way you want. 

Personalize this band with us. Just reach out through our chat box. 

Why are moissanites special? 

Moissanites are gemstones just like any other stones. What makes them special is the brilliance and fire they radiate with any diamond cut they are paired with. Be it princess cut, emerald cut, round cut, or oval stones these gems always out sparkle the ordinary shine of diamonds. 

emerald cut moissanite ring

Therefore, picking a moissanite is a great choice if you are looking for some dazzling effect on your band. Furthermore, moissanite is the current favorite of most couples to pick as their forever band. 

You can now get your moissanite on a great budget online at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. We take even special customization orders. Reach out now!