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14 k Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring


This ring features a grey-Black Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond with our signature 4-prong Setting.

Ring Specifications For This Image:

  • one of a kind grey-black Emerald Cut diamond has gorgeous color + step-cut faceting
  • diamond weighs 2.65 ct + measures 8.4 x 6.8 x 4.5 mm
  • smooth, polished, round yellow gold band measures 1.7 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Emerald Cut Diamond Ring features natural, ethically-sourced stones and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom Made, So We Need At least 1 to 2 Week For Manufacturing Process and 5 to 7 Bussiness Days For Shipping.
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Embrace the unique beauty of our Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring. This distinctive piece artfully combines the captivating allure of an emerald-cut diamond with the rustic charm of salt and pepper inclusions, creating a truly one-of-a-kind expression of individuality and style.

The Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond often known as a square emerald cut are a classy diamond form. Although it was first intended for emeralds, the diamond cut immediately became popular. A glimpse into its enticing beauty can be found in its lengthy facets and broad surface. Perhaps because of this, it has stayed well-liked for much more than 700 years. The Diamond Engagement Ring is eye-catching; in contrast to more classic brilliant cuts like a round or cushion shape, the flashes of light stand out.

From Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to Camilla, Queen of Cornwall, this diamond form fits many styles, as seen on the wedding fingers of famous people around the world.

When it comes to wedding band creation, Salt And Pepper Diamond Emerald Cut provide a remarkable amount of versatility. To contrast its crisp, geometric lines, you can think of using the supple curves of a naturally unique look. Choose the Salt And Pepper Diamond Ring if you wish the stone to appear large and give you a sense of strength. As you can see, this collection includes diamond engagement rings in a variety of forms.

Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond

What exactly is Emerald Cut Salt And Pepper Diamond Ring

The Salt And Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings have precise step cuts, clear straight facets that are often set parallel to the stone’s length, and an elongated, rectangular form. An Emerald Cut Diamond’s edges are frequently trimmed in order to increase stability and prevent fractures.

The body of the salt and pepper Diamond Engagement Ring is more of a dark grey to black to reflect the mysterious depths of space because the whole appearance is evocative of a galaxy. Then it looks to be covered in tens of thousands of white stars-like sparkles. 

Due to their unique beauty, these diamonds are a little more convertible and may be used with different types of metals and other gemstones.

The salt and pepper diamond is exclusive in the world of diamonds due to its exceptional features and attractiveness. Due to their versatility, they are perfect for wearing as engagement or recreational rings.

Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond

Explore more about our special Unique Engagement Ring

You can be sure that an Emerald Cut Salt And Pepper Diamond Ring will have a truly sleek design with additional style and authenticity.

  • This beautiful emerald-cut diamond features a magnificent color of the grey-black gemstone
  • It has a stunning 4-prong ring setting with a 2.5 ct diamond weight
  • The ring is a 100% earth-mined natural diamond that fits perfectly into your wedding band 
  • It has a classic yellow-gold smooth band measuring 1.7mm in size
  • The Salt And Pepper Emerald Cut Diamond is a perfect customized ring with recycled gold featured in it.

To Conclude

You can own this masterpiece as well. All you need to do is give us your measurements and place an order with Rustic and Gold Jewellers. The rest will be done by our professionals.  You can explore wide options of salt and pepper diamonds here!