Engagement Ring – A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Ideal Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity

There is something special about unique weddings and themes. Often couples experience an overwhelming wedding couture and jewelry selection, making their customized wedding a hard choice to pick.

Weddings are an intimate affair where every ceremony is celebrated with exceptional jewelry craftsmanship on your hands. The brilliance of natural diamonds enhances the divinity and purity of this celebration.

Couples deserve an engagement ring that shows their love and passion, packed with delicate detailing and precious metals that remind you of them.

Stick through this guide, where you discover tips, tricks and the best expert advice to select your engagement ring. Moreover, get a better understanding of your customized rings, sizing, the best budget and a whole lot of traditional and modern selections by Rustic and Gold.

What type of Engagement Ring fits your personality?

Rings rich in style, comfort, artistry and personal style, are the definition of a perfect engagement ring. Each individual has their preference and taste in diamonds which makes engagement rings an important piece of customization.

Indulge in the finest diamond rings listed just for you! Find your forever rings.

Black Diamond Ring:


Black Diamond Ring
Black Diamond Ring

The black beauty is a true fairytale diamond that is classic and modern at the same time. They are timeless beauty that pairs beautifully with each craftsmanship you desire.

Why Black diamonds?

Black diamonds are a rare, unique and spectacular pick for custom engagement rings. They are rich in hue, characteristics and durability. Black diamonds quickly adapt to any tone of metal and give a gorgeous black shimmer to your fit.

Who should buy a black diamond ring?

Couples who love experimenting and are open to exploring the richness of exotic diamonds are welcome to dive into these divine beauties. Click now to explore a range of styles and designs that capture the essence of your special moment. Looking for a touch of elegance and mystery? Explore our captivating collection of Black Diamond Rings for a distinctive and alluring choice in engagement rings.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring:

salt & pepper diamond ring
salt & pepper diamond ring

Salt and Pepper Diamond rings are perfect as an engagement ring, why? you ask. They are a perfect representation of a starry galaxy fitted in your hand. Are you considering unique diamond options? Delve into our detailed article on Salt and Pepper Diamond: Everything You Have To Know Before You Buy It to explore an unconventional yet stunning choice that adds character and individuality to your engagement ring.

Why Salt and Pepper Diamond?

These gemstones are breathtaking to look at, they are rich in detailing and perfectly inclusive diamonds. You get high-end designs and customization with this stone without ripping your earnings.

Who should buy Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings?

The galaxy diamond is very popular among newlyweds, for its flaws and imperfections. Couples who love the idea of wild style with sophistication must give salt and pepper diamonds a try. Seeking a unique and distinctive style? Explore our collection of Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings for a captivating and unconventional choice in engagement rings.

Looking for alternatives to traditional diamonds? Explore our comprehensive guide on Best Diamond Alternatives For Affordable Engagement Rings for unique and budget-friendly options that still carry elegance and charm.

Moissanite Ring:

moissanite engagement rings


One of the most sparkling gemstones to add to your shelf is the moissanite. Indulge Moissanite for its fiery brilliance and extra special hue radiation.

Why Moissanite Rings?

Engagements are special, craft your memories of life with an evergreen gemstone that is brilliant and fiery at the same time. These gemstones have a higher reflective index than any diamond.

Who should buy Moissanite Rings?

Moissanite is a precious gemstone that needs to be cherished. Couples who love the extra bling and stylish gems to explore must give moissanite a chance to win their heart. Looking for brilliance and affordability combined? Explore our collection of Moissanite Rings for a stunning and budget-friendly choice in engagement rings.

Lab-grown Diamond Ring:

The peaceful diamonds of Mother Earth are “ Lab-Grown Diamonds” These stunning gems are crafted in a lab setting allowing no harm to the environment and give just like a diamond starry shine to your rings.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Why Lab-grown Diamond?

The New Gen is all about saving the environment and protecting Mother Earth! Individuals who crave creativity with uniqueness are bound to fall for Lab-Grown diamonds. They cause minimal or no damage plus are 40-50 times less expensive than diamonds.

Who should buy Lab-Grown Diamond Rings?

Setting your engagement ring with a Lab-Grown diamond is an extremely thoughtful and graceful gift for your woman. These gemstones are everlasting and can be a part of your family’s heirloom jewelry.
Interested in sustainability and brilliance? Explore our collection of Lab-Grown Diamond Rings for a stunning and eco-conscious choice in engagement rings.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring:

Rose Cut Diamond Rings


The part of the vintage era, rose-cut diamond rings are extremely sensual and lustrous picks for your engagement.

Why Rose Cut Diamond Rings?

Inspired by the spiral of petals, the rose-cut diamond is a piece of art. Crafting your proposal rings with a rose-cut diamond is a sign of rich choice and brilliant taste in jewelry.

Who should buy Rose Cut Diamond Rings?

Couples who are extremely romantic and want to add their love to a physical symbol must try Rose Cut Engagement Rings. Giving the classic look of a bloomed rose the diamonds have a flat bottom and peaked bottom, making the design a larger-carat look instantly.

Now that you have selected the type of diamond you would love to pair your engagement ring with, let’s take further notes.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond:

Evaluating your diamond is the most important part of designing your wedding band. Take notes fellas!

Cut: A cut that is well-defined and sufficient to bounce light back is defined as a superb quality stone.

Clarity: Clarity here means the lack of imperfections—the fewer the inclusions the better.  You get IF ( Internally flawless), VVS ( very very slightly included), VS (very slightly included), S (slightly included) and I (included) types of clarity.

Color: The hues are graded from D (highest to colorless) to Z (light yellow) diamonds. The colorless diamonds are the most expensive in the market.

Carat: Is self-understood. The heavier the diamond the more pricey. The weight and density of the diamond is called carat. Make sure to measure this part of your engagement ring.

How to choose an Engagement Ring setting?

Engagement rings are rich in textures and brilliance, although you need a precious touch to them. Take tips from the experts.

Prong Settings: A typical prong setting diamond has four to six prongs holding the diamond firmly at its position which allows more light to enter the stone.

The prong setting is popular for the larger carat diamonds and allows a dramatic look to the viewer.

Bezel Setting: This setting beautifully frames your diamond and protects it from impacts. Unlike prong settings, the metal rims protect the diamond in the middle to sit protected at all times.

Halo Setting: This style is rich and gives a lavish look to your band instantly. The main diamond is paired with small accent stones to give an illusion effect. The small sparkling diamonds are the attraction of this band style.

Sunburst setting: A setting that is the coolest of them all is the sunburst setting. The style is complete with tiny diamonds representing stars and drops at the lower part of the ring, allowing a ray-like design to appear.

While there are multiple styles to check out, you must know what you desire. Read more to craft your perfect engagement ring.

How to make your Engagement Ring fit?

Many couples traditionally wear their engagement ring on the left-hand’s ring finger. The theory lies in the Vena Amoirs – the “ Vein of Love” connected to the finger. The ring finger is directly connected to your heart, makes you feel connected to your lover each moment of life.

Your engagement ring portrays your personality and style. You could wear it as a stackable ring or solo depending on your style. A sleek style band looks great as a stack ring, it adds textures and features to your wedding ring.

Curious about finding the perfect fit? Discover our guide on How to Measure Your Engagement Ring Size? for expert tips and methods to ensure your ring fits flawlessly, enhancing the beauty of your chosen carat, cut, color, and clarity.

To get the accurate size, you can take the help of the size chart that is available on the website.

How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Budgeting your engagement ring is extremely personal you can set your budget and let us serve the best diamond options. Diamonds pricing can depend on their shape, color and size. To get better understanding here are some tips.

  • Budget: Natural diamonds are always pricey due to their alluring and magnificent beauty. Furthermore, the cut-of-your-stone and band settings play an equally important role in the budget.

Moreover, you can go for diamond alternatives such as birthstones, lab-grown diamonds and moissanites. These stunning gemstones are precious just like diamonds. If you are looking for sparkling diamonds without ripping your pockets, call it a deal.

  • Jewelers: While shopping for an authentic diamond ring, always visit a certified jeweler who has experience and sells 100% original diamonds and gemstones. A genuine jeweler will provide you with the best diamond solutions and yes! On a budget.

Ethical and Sustainable Engagement Rings: A Responsible Choice.

A rich choice comes with responsibilities. Diamonds that cause minimal damage to the earth are the definition of ethical and sustainable engagement rings.

The Smart Choice: As the 21st century is already facing multiple environmental issues, you certainly do not want to be the one causing it. Think green, Think Positive with lab-grown diamonds and moissanite a choice that makes you a natural hero!

These gemstones are not less than any natural diamonds, they are rich in hue, design and come with features that are exceptionally found just in them.

The lab diamonds are 10 times more sparkling than the original diamonds. Moreover, they are much more efficient and valuable. These gemstones are precious and affordable.

Is Engagement Ring insurance worth it?

An investment that keeps you happy for a lifetime is your wedding ring. Protect and love this precious gemstone at all costs by selecting the right kind of insurance and appraisals for it.

Accidents can happen to anyone and losing your precious diamonds is one of the most painful acts that can happen to you.

Gift your loved ones a special gift of protection with their engagement rings.

How to clean an Engagement Ring?

Keep your sparkling memories rich forever! Here are some tips that keep your diamonds shimmering and evergreen.

Safeguard your wedding moments with us.

  • Regular cleansing: Your diamond needs to brush off the extra dust once in a while. Make sure you use warm water, fiber cloth and if needed a soft bristle brush to scrub off the junk from your gemstone.
  • Say no to chemicals: Special stones need special care, make sure you aren’t using perfumes, deodorants, make-up and any such articles around your sparkling stones.

We hope this guide helped you craft a meaningful and curated diamond engagement ring. Craft them a proposal that is luxe, grand and unique with a rich collection.

Be it the holiday season or planning the perfect engagement look, you can get everything you need on your budget at Rustic and Gold. We help you curate luxurious and themed jewelry.

Contact our experts to personalize your perfect engagement ring experience.

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