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Unique Engagement Rings

A woman always knows what an exquisite style is, therefore she deserves something impeccable when it comes to her jewelry collection. We take pleasure in presenting an iconic range of Unique Engagement rings just for her. She can now craft her luxe collection sitting at home. Pick from an exotic range of gemstones, signature metals and unique ring designs at Rustic and Gold. Each craftsmanship is bespoke and raw.

Be Rare | Be Unique | Be Beautiful.
Craft a personalized way to her heart with custom creations at Rustic and Gold. Moments are made special with unique engravings that you add to your precious jewels. Take pleasure in exploring our Unique Engagement rings, crafted with love just for you!

For the Eternal Romantics : A divine beauty crafted in soft and silky inclusions. The rich and raw Salt and Pepper Diamonds rings collection is here to slay. Find your forever home in luxurious peppery diamonds.

Fall in love with the vintage era. Love the Retro vibe? Take pleasure in exploring a timeless vintage Engagement rings collection by Rustic and Gold.

Discover the Enchanting Blacks: Earth’s most precious diamonds! Indulge in the finest artistry of nature’s best Black Diamonds. Experience the iconic romance between black diamonds and precious metals. Black diamond Engagement rings are special because they’re really beautiful and show a love that’s unique and lasting.

Rare Rustic Collection: Crafted for a unique you. The Rare Rustic Engagement rings collection is all about exploring your personality in style. Unravel a masterpiece blended in the luxuries of a rare collection.

For a Responsible you: Carefully crafted for a responsible you. Lab-grown diamonds are lab-grown and love-owned diamonds. They are perfect for couples who are looking for an eco-friendly lab Diamond Engagement rings.

Feel the Sparkling Chemistry :Moissanite! It is a romantic gemstone that is extremely rich in features and shines. Explore a love story of moissanite and signature-styled love bands.

Modern to Classic we got it all!
Solitaire: A classic style of diamond settings. The style has been swaying hearts for ages. A timeless piece of craftsmanship that is a treat to own.

Bezel Setting:Love to protect your precious stone? This one is definitely for you! A setting that lets you explore the luxury while protecting your stone.

Half Eternity:This style sets your diamonds halfway across the band. The band resembles a half-moon, giving it exceptional romantic features.

Full Eternity:A full blingy style engagement ring sounds like a dream. Take pleasure in owning a star-studded diamond ring for her.

Halo Setting:The prettiest and unique setting to explore is the halo setting. The Halo lets your diamond sparkle out loud while protecting it. The halo can be crafted using accent stones to make it even more sparkling.

Sunburst: Just like its name, the diamonds are set in a ray form around your main diamond, giving gorgeous multiple diamond options for you to pick.

Three stone: Another masterpiece to explore is the three-stone diamond ring. You get to customize your diamonds as you design your wedding ring.

Multi-layered: Jazz it up with a multi-layered diamond band. A band that lets you express your style in every way.

Express Your Style with a Multi-layered Diamond Ring, reflecting Your personality. Embrace timeless elegance with the enchanting Rose Cut Diamond Ring, adding a vintage touch to Your collection.

Twisted bands: Designed for nature lovers, the twisted band is inspired by the dainty twig. The ring radiates exceptional elegance and brilliance due to the style.

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Return and Refund.
Once you receive your package if you feel like returning it, you get a 7-day window to return and refund your jewelry. Although, we request you to read the entire terms and conditions of our return policy.