how to clean moissanite ring

How to Clean a Moissanite Ring?

Selecting a gorgeous Moissanite ring as your forever ring is one of the finest choices. Although, every piece of jewelry needs love in the long run just like your home and vehicles. Jewelries are precious jewels that need regular maintenance and care once you make them your forever stone.  

If you are in search of some tips to keep your Moissanite sparkling forever, this article is for you. 

Mossiantes are built differently than the rest of the diamonds and gemstones. They radiate an excellent rainbow effect when hit with light, making them extremely precious to preserve and care for. 

A little care and maintenance of your stones can keep them young forever. So let’s take a deeper on how to clean a moissanite ring

  • Wash Solution 

    wash solutions

Using a lukewarm water solution is the best type of cleaning for gemstones. Make sure you add dish soap or clarifying solutions to this mixture to give your stone a good wash. Leave your ring in the solution for approximately 10  minutes then use a soft brush to cleanse the prongs and inner corners of your ring to give it a deep clean. 

  • Microfibre Cloth Dry 

    Microfibre Cloth Dry

Mind it not to scribble your ring with tissue or towel, use a Microfibre soft cloth to pat dry your Moissanite. Our experts suggest, using this cloth is the safest option to dry your ring as a tissue might cause scratches and unwanted scribbles on it. 

Only in two steps, you can get an expert cleaning finish at home! 

Things not to use in cleaning your diamonds or gemstones. 

things not to use

Many articles promote using these chemicals and detergents as an extra step to cleanse your precious jewels. Our experts are here to save your jewels with the list of ingredients not to use strictly. 

  1. Ketchup: Using ketchup has been proven to reduce the shine of your diamond. 

  2. Detergent: A big no! Do not use any kind of detergent to sparkle that precious gem. 

  3. Chemicals: Chemicals are the one number culprit to damage your rings and jewelry. 

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