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Kite cut Engagement Rings

Kite engagement rings are known to be the best pick as a wedding ring if you are in search of something bestow and delicate to gift to your princess. Explore the diamonds that elevate the gorgeous faceted style kite-cut gemstones. Find her perfect Wedding ring tailored to her favorite stones.

Propose her with an exotic piece of kite engagement ring in your hand.
Kite diamonds are versatile styles to explore your favorite diamond settings. Check out these styles for the best fit:

Split Shank Kite wedding ring: This design adds a striking sparkling finish to your wedding ring. Helps your Kite stone to be secure and sit in a comfortable position at the top.

Moreover, Add accent diamonds to your. You can select pretty metal tones to create a perfect wedding ring.
Delicate prong setting: If you love the diamond to be the showstopper of your wedding. Set your kite-cut diamond engagement ring in a prong setting, this style allows your diamond to dazzle solo at the center of your band.

Furthermore, you can accessorize this prong setting halo setting to add comfort around your fingers. Select soothing metal tones and round-cut accent stones to add sparkle to your wedding ring instantly.

Designing your kite band is a fun task when crafted by expert jewelers. Make sure to choose the style, stone, design, and tones to create your eternity band. The ideal meaning of a stunning kite diamond is sophistication, balance, and romance in your relationship. Couples who love the idea of being a class apart and dare to be unique must try moissanite kite rings.

The bling and shimmer that moissanite adds to kite bands is breathtaking. The classic design of these ring shapes is uniquely yours!