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14 K Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst Pendant For Her


This Beautiful 14 K Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst Pendant Features an Oval Shape Amethyst Gemstone Set in a Prong Setting With a Roun Diamond At the Top, This Purple Diamond is the Best Gift For a February Born Person

Ring Specifications:

  • AAA Quality Oval Shape Amethyst Weight 2.00 CT
  • Round Cut Diamond Has a GH Color and SI Clarity
  • Round Cut Diamond Total Weight 0.05 Ct

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This ring features recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Stone.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom made, So We Need 1 to 2 Week For Manufacturing Process Shipping Process Will Take 5 To 7 Business Day To Deliver Your Product

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”14 K Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst Pendant For Her”

The Superpower of Amethyst Pendant. 

This  February birthstone, “amethyst” is very popular for its symbolic meaning and healing powers. Also known as the “stone of peace”, the gorgeous stone has alluring purple amethyst hues that attract health, wealth, and peace. 

Carefully taking notes of this birthstone, we bring you a birthstone pendant that is an awesome meaningful gift for your loved ones. 

amethyst pendant

Explore this gemstone pendant and find out all the reasons why are amethyst popular in modern culture. 

History of amethyst. 

The story of Bacchus “God of Wine”

In the ancient era, there was a gorgeous maiden who was on her way to worship the Temple of Diana. Where she was destined to cross paths with the God of Wine “Bacchus”. Filled with anger, Bacchus wanted revenge and promised to attack the next human he met. He attacks the maiden with his tigers. 

amethyst pendant

The goddess Diana intervened as the enormous monsters rushed towards the helpless lass. To save her from such a horrific fate, she transformed herself into a pristine, flawless stone.

Bacchus was overcome with remorse right away. To make amends for his sins, he poured his wine over the crystal, coloring it a deep violet color. As a result, the gem was named after the damsel Amethyst.

Take away- It is ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the Amethyst held the power that could protect the intoxicating effect of Bacchus, keeping them clear-headed. 

Amethyst” – a February birthstone. 

This Renaissance mythical stone is now a powerful birthstone that is celebrated as the February stone. 

amethyst pendant

St. Valentine celebrated an amethyst ring with the love of Cupid. This birthstone had the highest value and power in the medieval era. Claiming the effect of passion and soothing this stone is a valuable item for ancients. 

Symbolic and spiritual meaning of Amethyst. 

This purple-hued birthstone is cherished as the stone of purity and peace. The stone has a purifying effect on the sufferer and claims to calm their mind when worn. 

The clarity of the birthstone brings peace and a soothing effect on the wearer. These qualities make amethyst purple meaning a little more meaningful. 

amethyst pendant

This rich stone is also known as a symbol of royalty and richness. Due to its lilac hues, the stone is rich in multiple health properties. 

Crafted with love and perfection, we present you with an oval pendant that is studded with Amethyst. 

Features of this Amethyst pendant. 

A pendant that is rich in looks, features, and characteristics is all you need for gift ideas for women. 

amethyst pendant

  • This mesmerizing Amethyst pendant is studded with AAA-quality oval amethyst measuring 2.00ct. A huge diamond pendant is a must to celebrate her special occasion. 
  • To keep the tone of the rich and extravagant, we have used recycled 14K gold. This gold pendant for women also features cute 0.05ct round cut diamonds to add a sparkly finish. 
  • This Amethyst pendant has a beautiful 4-prong setting that gives a delicate feel to the diamond. 
  • The pendant is available for customization 

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