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14K Gold Pear Cut Black Diamond Ring For Her


Black Beauty

A Pear Cut Black Diamond Ring Rose Gold Engagement Ring Is The Perfect Choice For a Unique Girl Who Wants Some Extra Drama In Her Engagement Ring.

pear cut black diamond ring crafted with 14k rose gold.

Ring Specifications For This Image:

  • one of a kind Pear rose-cut diamond has a gorgeous, heat-treated black color and beautiful faceting
  • Pear Diamond Weighs 1.00 ct
  • handcrafted 14 k Rose gold 4-prong setting
  • smooth polished band measures 1.5 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This pear cut black diamond ring features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  •  After you place the order, it will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the manufacturing process and 3-5 working days for shipping.


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”14K Gold Pear Cut Black Diamond Ring For Her”

Discover the brilliance of a  Pear Cut Black Diamond Ring Paired with the elegance of 14K rose gold metal. Love how this sounds. We have got a lot more to offer! 

The new-era brides are in love with the artistry and beauty of classic vintage rings. The vintage designs that are customized with the futuristic beauty of metals are what we offer. If this sounds like something that you want to own, stay tuned to find your dream band here. 

When looking for a designer pear shaped solitaire ring you cannot go wrong when paired with black sleek diamonds. These black diamonds are known to be the world’s rarest and most precious diamonds across the globe. 

We have created a unique combination of pear-cut black diamond rings that bring out the beauty of the pear-cut and the mystery of the black diamond. To know more about this charm read to till the end. 


Discover the brilliance of this pear cut black diamond ring.

The black diamond brings sophistication, elegance, and power to the wearer. This black diamond solitaire ring is just a perfect resemble of the power and passion that you radiate in your relationship, making it extra special for gifting. 

  • The pear diamond ring is paired with the elegance of a pear rose-cut diamond in 1ct featured with heat-treated black diamond and one-of-a-kind faceting 
  • Our pear-shaped black diamond engagement ring is crafted with recycled gold to give it more texture and depth 
  • This pear-shaped engagement ring has a beautiful 14K rose gold band measuring 1.5mm 
  • This pear-shaped black stone ring features one of the most elegant 4-prong diamond settings giving space for your diamond to breathe and shine at the center of this  black diamond ring
  • The pear-shaped black diamond ring rose gold is paired with the brilliant AAA quality black diamond that is ethically sourced and is a 100% natural diamond 

Craft your forever bands with us at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. Pairing your favorite combos, we make each band a memory for life. Selecting a unique style for your wedding band is made 100 times smoother here. 

From all these colored diamonds, the black diamond is just as authentic and genuine as other natural diamonds. Naturally, these diamonds weigh heavier than colorless diamonds, making them preferable by couples for their ideal band match. 

Who should shop for a black diamond? 

If you love to portray power, and a bold and fearless personality, choosing a black diamond would be an excellent choice. These stones are nature’s favorite, especially for the unique natural color that it radiates. This diamond ring add a touch of a vintage era to your wedding band making it exceptionally gorgeous to look at.

Moreover, settings for a black diamond comes in multiple options rather than colorless ones. The captivating style and features of a black diamond make it stand out from the other diamond collection in your wardrobe. 

This unconventional stone is one of the top choices of the new-era couple. So what’s stopping you? Grab yours today!

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