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14 K White Gold Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings To Your Special One


This 14 K White Gold Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings Features a 1.8 Ct Princess Cut Moissanite At The Center In a Prong Setting With a Sparkly Pave Band, Gives It a Sparkling Look, and makes this Beautiful Stunning Ring To Your Girl Feel Like a Princess.

Ring Specifications

  • Princess Cut Moissanite has D Color and VVS Quality
  • Princess Shape Moissanite Center Stone Weight 1.5 Ct
  • Princess Shape Side Stone Total weight Approximate 0.15 ct
  • 14 K White Gold Smooth Polished Width of approximately 1.8 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This princess-cut solitaire engagement rings features recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Stone.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom made, So We Need 1 to 2 Week For Manufacturing Process Shipping Process Will Take 5 To 7 Business Day To Deliver Your Product


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”14 K White Gold Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings To Your Special One”

Surprise her with the world’s most exotic square-cut ring available at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. Allow us to introduce you to the beauty of moissanite Stone rings and their cut and features in this article. 

We bring you the beauty of princess-cut solitaire engagement rings that are unbeatable from the rest of the diamond cuts in the market. These versatile Stones are a perfect fit for almost every diamond setting that comes to your mind. The princess engagement rings are a vintage collection at our place making these Stones extra special for gifting and celebrations. 

princess-cut solitaire engagement rings

Explore exquisite details about the princess cut stones and the beauty that it radiate along the article. 

Art, texture, and composition of this princess-cut solitaire engagement rings. 

If you are a moissanite engagement ring lover, don’t miss out on the flawless craftsmanship of this pave ring. Customized to the flavors of your taste, our moissanite rings are cherished for eternity. 

  • This white gold ring is paired in the iconic combination of princess cut stone weighing 1.5ct featuring side stones in the size of 0.15ct 
  • Our moissanite stone band is glammed up with the beauty of a 14K white gold metal band measuring 1.8mm 
  • This white gold women’s ring is paired with recycled gold and features ethically sourced stones 
  • The moissanite used in this band is of D color and VVS clarity stones only. The center stone is set in a 4 prong and unique pave setting to add extra cushion to your diamond, making it the star of the event 

princess-cut solitaire engagement rings

Apart from these excellent features, you get to accessorize your bands with personalization at our online store. Select from our signature 14K gold metals to pair this engagement band with your style. 

There are a lot of queries revolving around the natural and moissanite let’s get that cleared. 

The actual difference between moissanite and organic diamonds. 

The main point of variance between moissanite vs diamond is the brilliance of the stone. While natural diamonds radiate the average amount of shine, moissanite brings fire & brilliance to the stones. 

princess-cut solitaire engagement rings

Why is moissanite more preferred than natural diamonds?

While there is a list of why is moissanite loved by modern couples. We are here to list a few for you to understand and purchase your next gemstone. 

Shine: Moissanite is known to be the” disco ball of diamonds” meaning moissanite is much more sparling than natural diamonds. These gemstones are preferred more by the new-gen who is a fan of shimmer and glamour. 

Pricing: The moissanite apart from the star-studded appeal, is much more affordable than natural diamonds. Making them a top choice for many customers. 

Durability: Moissanites are known to have much more hardness than natural diamonds. It makes them much less prone to chipping, nicking, and breakage.

Selecting natural diamonds or moissanite, Rustic and Gold jewelry have everything for everyone. Pick the gemstones that you have been dreaming of and let us create the magical diamonds of your dream. 

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