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Salt and Pepper Diamond Hexagon Engagement Ring: Unique Elegance


perfectly imperfect.

This east west Diamond ring features a bold, Hexagon Salt and pepper diamond in our signature bezel setting and a contrasting side white diamond in prong setting. The perfect ring for the modern bride who loves a little extra sparkle!

Hexagon Salt And Pepper Diamond East West Ring is a reason to fall in love with it again.

Ring Specifications For This Image:

  • one of a kind of salt and pepper diamond has gorgeous rose-cut faceting.
  • Hexagon-shaped diamond weight 0.80 + measures 7.2 x 4.4 mm
  • handcrafted 14 k rose gold bezel setting
  • side stone white diamond size 1.3 mm
  • band measures 1.5 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Hexagon Salt And Pepper Diamond East-West ring features natural, ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  •  After you place the order, we will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks working days for the manufacturing process and 3-5 working days for shipping.
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This east west diamond ring highlights a fascinating Hexagon Salt and peppers precious stone in our unmistakable bezel with contrasting white jewels in a prong setting. The ideal ring for the lady who cherishes some additional radiance! An exquisite interpretation of an exemplary three-stone plan on the sides, this mesmerizing hexagonal splendid cut salt and pepper diamond ring in rose gold are sure to gather praises. This untreated and morally sourced hand-cut precious stone is ideal for the boho lady of the hour. The gold band is hand-cut in a marked style, making this solitaire ring exceptional while keeping a good look.

You can learn about these gorgeous one-of-a-kind diamonds in detail in our blog below.

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

For the special lady of the hour-to-be who needs a bit of customary shimmer, this East-West Diamond Ring is encircled by three pavè-set white jewels on each side. The straightforward band is accessible in yellow, white, or rose gold for an adjustable look. Joined by jewel groups on each side, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for an enchanting piece like this.

Hexagon Salt And Pepper Diamond East West Ring


An East-West hexagonal Diamond Engagement Ring in a three-stone setting lifts an exemplary twist to a more contemporary plan. Who says you can’t have everything? An enormous hexagonal stone is set in a cutting edge East-West direction and flanked by two lavish round precious stones and gently set with prongs. A raised profile assists with flaunting every one of the three impeccable precious stones and separates this ring from the opposition! 


What’s so special about this east west diamond ring?

Are you searching for an option in contrast to a traditional white jewel solitaire? This contention-free salt and pepper precious stone is an incredible choice! These jewels commend reflections that make everyone novel and unique- ideal for a functioning, active individual. This ring is notable for its agreeable fit on the finger. This wedding band style can be made in shading metal and with more significant or modest stones. If it’s not too much trouble, be informed that we specially design all our rings to our customers’ financial plans and tastes. So while this ring has sold, we can make you an indistinguishable one to whatever size and specs you need. If your budget and plans are clear, we can alter the perfect ring for you.

East West Diamond Ring

The works of art are evident to the extent wedding bands go. Now and then, notwithstanding, a modest change in context will modernize an immortal look, carrying subtlety and directional enticement for a generally salt and pepper diamond ring. That look of the day is East West Diamond Ring wedding bands. This simple hexagon-shaped salt and pepper diamond ring with a dazzling rose-cut faceting is everything you had wished for your wedding. Accentuate its brilliance by showcasing the diamond in a prong setting, allowing it to catch the light from every angle and adding a touch of timeless elegance.