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3 CT Rose Cut Oval Shape Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring, Black Diamond Ring


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This 14 K Rose Gold Oval Shape Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring Features a 3 ct Black Oval Diamond With Sparkly Diamond  Halo. This Ring Looks Totally Statement Engagement Ring.

Ring Specifications:

  • Bold and Beautiful Rose Cut Black Oval Shape Diamond Approximately 3 ct + Measurements 10 mm x 8 mm x 3.9 m
  • 1.5 mm White Salt and Pepper Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Total Weight approximately 0.40 ct
  • Smooth Polish 14 K Rose Gold band measures 1.6 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This ring features recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Diamonds.

Shipping Information:

  • This Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring Was Custom Made So If You Want To Customize Similar Ring Please Contact Us And make an Inquiry. We Take 2 to 3 Week For Manufacturing Process and 4 to 6 Business days For Shipping.

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Oval Shape Vintage Black Diamon Engagement Ring

Couples are growing bolder in their selections as engagement rings become more customized and exceptional. While traditional diamonds are still a timeless choice, other jewels like emeralds, sapphires, and exotic diamonds like black diamonds are also becoming more popular. A Vintage black diamond engagement ring is perfect for your big day if you are looking for something exotic and extraordinary that makes a bold statement on your hand. The ultimate elegant sparkle is a black diamond ring, which is also incredibly rare, seductive, and fascinating. Black diamonds are a stunning option for brides who like to show off their individual style and defy convention because of their deep colour saturation and dramatic appearance.

Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Our stunning black diamond oval ring has the smooth polish of a 14k rose gold band. This vintage boho ring is made of a 3 ct Black Oval Diamond consisting of a mesmerizing halo. Explore another stunning option for a boho-style engagement ring.

If you are searching for a custom-made ring, you can get it done here with us. On our site, you can select a black diamond solitaire ring and much more boho statement rings

Why do We Recommend Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring? 


The composition of black diamonds is distinctive. They are technically referred to as crystalline diamonds and are made up of diamond, charcoal, and amorphous carbon. The diamond’s black colour is caused by these inclusions, which look like little black dots.

Recent Popularity 

Black diamonds may look more powerful than colourless diamonds because of their appearance. This is because they are a more sophisticated option with minimal flash. Given the rarity of natural black diamonds, they make fantastic investments when looking for something distinctive and special. Black diamonds were not traditionally regarded as valuable gems, but in recent years, they have received attention, increasing the likelihood that people will purchase them. Compared to their colourless cousins, black diamonds are now quite well-known.

A-list stars like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are showcasing their fashion sense while boosting interest in these priceless stones.

Crafted with perfection

Rose-cut black diamond rings are secretive, eloquent, stylish and undoubtedly bold, this diamond choice makes a strong fashion statement that is difficult to ignore. Although black diamonds have always been available, more and more people are starting to search for new methods to show their unique sense of style. They are rapidly rising in popularity. The black diamond cocktail ring is a gem to cherish with a characteristic of timeless beauty. Our black diamond ring engagement is composed of recycled gold that gives a flawless finish to this beauty. 

Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring


For couples seeking a special engagement ring, a Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring is a stunning option. However, make sure to research your purchase before making one.

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