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1Ct Solitaire Lab Grown Single Diamond Necklace at Best Price For Her

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This 14 k Gold Lab Grown Single Diamond Necklace Features a Round Brilliant Diamond in a Unique Prong Setting Makes it Perfect For daily wear and makes you look gorgeous, elegant, and charming at any given time

 Pendant Specifications:

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Pendant features natural, ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • After you place the order, it will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the manufacturing process and 3-5 working days for shipping


The beauty of a single diamond necklace is not hidden from the eyes of the world. Our stunning diamond drop necklace has one-of-a-kind features that are irresistible to keep your hands off.

The natural beauty that a simple diamond necklace holds is breathtaking and if you are in search of something elegant, our modern diamond necklace designs won’t fail to capture your eyes in one look.

single diamond necklace

The modern woman is a big fan of simplicity with grace and this gold diamond pendant is an excellent choice for today’s woman. You can easily pair it with your office outfits or just a simple brunch with your friends. The magnificence of our diamond necklaces is ravishing to flaunt in everyday life.


Discover more about our diamond pendant ideas in this article. 

  • This round-shaped single pendant weighs 1ct which is the star of the chain 
  • Our handcrafted chain is of 14K yellow gold and comes in a stylish prong setting 
  • The necklace has a length of 16cm and feature recycled gold in it 
  • Our diamond pendant necklace is a 100% natural diamond and is ethically sourced
  • Our pendant with diamonds has EF color and a VVS VS clarity that gives more shine and vibrance to your pendant
  • This gold diamond necklace is an exquisite piece of vintage beauty

single diamond necklace

Bring home elegance and style with our precious and natural diamond that will woo your heart within seconds. The single diamond shines brighter than the moon while wearing.

Why buy this Single diamond necklace? 

We are sure that the beauty of the diamond has already captured your heart, but here are all the reasons that you won’t be able to resist the shine and fire of the stone. 

  • The diamond pendant can be worn with any outfit due to its sleek and perfect round-shaped stone that matches your wardrobe with elegance 
  • You can wear the pendant in your day-to-day life without fearing it chipping or nipping while doing your daily chores 
  • It can be worn on any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, and gatherings and you will be the star of the party when the diamond shimmers out right! 


single diamond necklace

The diamond pendant resembles the unique and classic taste in the world of diamonds. By choosing this as your go-to pendant you portray your personality and style amongst the viewers. 

The significance of the single diamond stone! 

Diamond pendants are remarkable for their capacity to elevate moments and traditions; they are eternal jewels that bring strength and peace to the wearer. They carry subtle affectations of brilliant ancient values.

While there are several types of diamond necklaces, this single diamond necklace wins hearts with just a look. 

single diamond necklace

Where to shop for a single diamond necklace?

Buy exclusively crafted beauty from the heavens of diamonds at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. Each diamond crafted at our store is original and ethical. Explore the wide range of exclusivity we offer to our customers. 

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