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Moissanite! A Gemstone that is luscious, luxurious and lustrous. These dazzling beauties portray grace and elegance when paired with Moissanite Engagement Rings. The rich rainbow sparkle makes these delicate stones so much more lovely.

Explore these divine gemstones at R & G Jeweler. These simply stunning dazzlers have been top sellers in recent years.

Why Moissanite?

Moissanites hold a rich history marked in the 1800s. Henri Moissan is the man who discovered Moissanites for the first time in history. These rare gemstones are known for their ultimate radiance and shine is found greater than diamonds. Many couples are leaning towards the Moissanite Engagement Rings to stand apart from regular white diamonds. Customizing these darlings, you can craft a special engagement ring for your soulmate.

What’s Unique about Moissanite Engagement rings?

“The dazzling disco effect” Moissantes are rich in reflection i.e. they radiate 100x more brilliance when you pair them with jewelry. Depending upon what style of setting you choose the brilliance of the stone shines out loud.

Secondly, the durability of Moissanite is near to diamonds. They are hard to chip or nick making them a great engagement ring choice for couples who are looking for shimmer with durability.

Lastly, the gemstone is extremely rare. They are finest in quality and rarest in choice and brilliance. You may not find any other stone that glows like Moissanite.

Is Moissanite ok for an engagement ring?

Moissanites are luxurious gemstones that have been much preferred over diamonds in recent years. Known for their charming detailing, sparkle and durability at affordable prices make them a fantastic choice as an engagement ring.

Are moissanite engagement rings tacky?

Moissantes are the best diamond alternatives. Radiating brilliance of stars, they are the next best option to customize your engagement rings.

Where is the best place to buy moissanite engagement rings?

Explore R & G Jeweler, we customize each jewelry piece that you wish for. Design her ultimate fantasy Moissanite engagement ring with us. Shipping across the globe, now you don’t have to wait!