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Surprising your darling with a precious 14k Gold Wedding Band would be the best gift she could imagine. When it comes to designing your wedding rings, you certainly want to make it an extra special and luxurious memory.

The metal of your band radiates its value and personality. Selecting from luxurious platinum to gorgeous 14K gold, everything sets a tone for your wedding band. To top it off, using customized or designer bands would add textures and quality to your love band.

14K Gold has been the most popular choice amongst couples who are designing their pair of rings. Giving them luxe style paired with durability.

Why 14K Gold Wedding Bands?

The Gold for wedding and engagement rings comes rarely in 100% quality. The gorgeous metal qualities such as 14K, 18K and 22K are the most picked gold to design these beauties.

Moreover, you get a vast choice of color options when you choose Gold metals for your wedding bands. 14k gold wedding band women are so popular in the Western world. Customizing them to premium rose gold or solid yellow gold is truly a piece of artwork for her.

The most popular choice of metal for engagement and wedding rings is the 14K gold, due to its durability and long-term wear quality it stands out from the rest of the metal choices. It also has great value for money with the extra shine and luster that every bride needs.

A recent addition to the 14K Gold world is the dual-tone wedding bands. A popular style amongst the Gen-z, meaning: taking a part of his and your heart and blending it into one. A beautiful symbol to surprise your lover with.

How much is a 14k gold men’s wedding band worth?

The price for a 14k gold men’s wedding band fluctuates each year as per gold rates in your region. The current band value is around $600.

How much is a 14k white gold wedding band worth?

Currently, the 14K white gold marks $42 per gram. Depending upon your piece requirement, you must set the budget.

Where to buy gold wedding bands?

Need exclusively handcrafted 14K gold wedding bands? This is your place, Rustic and Gold crafts beautiful customized creations just as you love.