Who We Are.......


Founder and Designer Monika describe Rustic and Gold as a place where nature lovers unite and find their dream jewelry which is designed with love and care. Based in the diamond cutting and polishing hub Surat India, I have observed the growing trend of unusual diamonds in the jewelry industry while learning jewelry design and decided to give a take to it. And here comes the idea of Rustic and Gold, A rustic diamond with the essence of gold.
I and my husband collaborate to make Rustic and Gold a success story. My Husband is a diamond manufacturer and dealer who is in the business for the last 3 generations and holds great customer service by supplying diamonds to each corner of the globe. While dealing with salt and pepper diamonds, rustic diamonds, and rose cut diamonds, I fall in love with the imperfections of those natural beauties, this is where I thought to make my own jewelry brand.
My creativity, imagination, and love for mother earth lead me to take a step further which leads to the Rustic and Gold. The name Rustic stands for the imperfectly perfect diamonds which are in a great trend and the gold stands for purity which makes a jewelry brand that is ethical and something you can put your love and trust in.