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Discover the finest captivating styles of luxurious Black Diamond Engagement Rings that are handcrafted just for you! Black diamonds are a rare, raw and real masterpiece to witness if you love to explore the rawness of nature.  These precious stones are also known as “Carbonado” the toughest type of natural diamond in history.

The dark black hues of the diamond make them exceptionally captivating and an interesting option to select as a ring. The ancients believed that raw black diamonds were great gift ideas to protect their loved ones from evil eyes and bad omens.

The hypnotic hue of black is enough to take your breath away, but here we give you an exceptional range of stunning styles to levitate your engagement rings.

Top Black Diamond Engagement Rings style handpicked for your aesthetic:

  • The Crisp Solitaire: Solitaire engagement rings are one of the most popular styles to opt for. However, when you set your custom black diamond in a solitaire setting, it gives definition, style and features to the stone.

You can opt for a stunning oval-cut black diamond or choose a geometric vibe. Pair these stunning settings with your favorite metals to make the ring extremely precious for her.

  • The Deep Halo: The Halo-style engagement rings are highly captivating and detailed bands that you can explore. Custom-create a black diamond engagement ring to the deep halo setting for a luxurious and glamorous style.

Select her favorite diamond cuts to set as the accent stones around the halo of your diamond. To make it even more special, you can customize the band style just as she loves.

  • Three-Stone Delicacy: The prettiest black diamond setting to explore is the three-stone style engagement band. You get to pick your choice of black diamond cuts and styles to create a magical trinity. The Three-stone style is for glam diamond ring lovers. The style can be customized and sparkled just as you like.

If your wife loves nature, give Art Nouveau design a try, the style allows you to handpick delicate detailing of nature’s best design inspired by the Art Nouveau era.

  • Vintage Special: Every love story is incomplete without adding a precious ancient-era engagement ring to the climax scene. Make your proposal special by selecting delicate craftsmanship inspired by the vintage era.

Allow us to introduce you to the all-new black diamond engagement rings available for customization at our store. For more inspiration, you can check out the Filigree, Milgrain, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco era engagement rings paired with luxe black diamonds.

A romantic idea to win your girl’s heart once again.

  • The Delicate Modern style: The new generation is head over heels in love with the sophisticated styled engagement rings. Neat lines, contemporary inspiration and minimalistic bands are the new trend.

If your girlfriend loves delicate details paired with simplicity, you must grab her a delicate rose gold black diamond engagement ring.

These rings are exceptionally comfortable, easy to wear and best to flaunt for everyday lifestyle.

Black Diamond Rings Collection by Rustic and Gold Jeweler.

Rustic and Gold offers a sustainable and ethically sourced black diamond rings collection that is designed to be customized. We offer fresh and hot trending designs that are crafted to match your desires.

You can handcraft your black diamond engagement ring to precious metals, seamless designs and a unique band style. Moreover, we use precious 14K gold metal and platinum to give a crisp and detailed look to your bands.