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3 Baguette Diamond Pendant Necklace For Your Special One


perfectly imperfect.

This 3 Baguette Diamond Pendant Necklace Features Three Baguette Diamonds in Prong Setting, Which Gives it a Simple Yet graceful and attractive Look.

 Pendant Specifications:

  • Baguette diamond has a gorgeous and beautiful faceting
  • Baguette diamond Approximate weight 0.33 CT + Measurement 4 X 1.75 mm
  • Handcrafted 14k Yellow gold Necklace Total length 18 cm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Necklace features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This Necklace is Custom made, After YounPlace Order It Will Take 2 To 3 Months For Manufacturing Process, And 7 To 9 Days For Shipping


”3 Baguette Diamond Pendant Necklace For Your Special One”

What is the best diamond combination you have ever heard of? The perfect gold baguette diamond pendant necklace is an iconic choice of metal and diamond combo. It sets a stunning luxurious tone to the wearer’s aura. 

When choosing diamonds for a dinner party or special occasion there are countless diamond forms to pick from. Baguette diamond necklace gold, on the other hand, is a clear winner for a smart, elegant look. They offer a delicate shimmer that can produce a more flawless, professional aesthetic that a brilliant-cut diamond can’t match, and they can be used as the heart, side, or accent stone. 

To know more about our Baguette diamond pendant and its features stayed tuned to this article. Find out more about the elegance and beauty of baguette diamonds

baguette diamond pendant necklace

What’s a Baguette Diamond?

Baguettes are not commonly used as a centerpiece stone in jewelry. Instead, they act as accent diamonds to the center stone, which could or could not be a baguette, giving the necklace a stunning frame and a unique look. A baguette necklace may feature multiple colored gemstones on occasion, making it more versatile to be paired with your favorite vibrant attire. 

How to pair your basic outfit with our diamond necklace with baguettes

Diamond baguette necklaces are very trendy and they make any outfit look more appealing day or night. Warm skin tones appear best with a baguette pendant in gold, while cooler skin undertones look best with a baguette pendant in silver. If you want an item simple and attractive for your 9 to 5 job, look no further. 

You can shine from work to the weekend with this yellow-gold, diamond-studded showstopper. The exquisite beauty of the pendant will captivate you. The greatest benefit of choosing a baguette diamond pendant is that you can pair it with any outfit and let the stone sparkle. Wear our sparkling baguette diamond necklace women with a v-neck or off-the-shoulder black dress to your festive occasion.

baguette diamond pendant necklace

Exclusive features of our baguette diamond pendant necklace. 

  • The necklace is a perfect ethically sourced diamond that comes in a AAA quality gradation 
  • The necklace features 3 baguette diamonds that are set in a prong setting 
  • The diamonds weigh 0.33ct and have a 4×1.75mm size that is excellent to sparkle up any outfit 
  • This necklace is handcrafted with a 14K yellow gold chain that measures 18cm in length 
  • The chain is customized and has recycled gold in its making 

You can personalize this necklace as well. Our experts will help you choose your desired composition as well as guide you in your customization. 

Are Baguette diamonds real? 

Just like any other diamonds, baguette diamonds are 100% natural diamonds depending upon the craftsmanship. You do get Lab-grown baguette diamonds on demand if you wish to buy diamonds on a budget. 

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