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14 K White Gold Wedding Band For Your Partner

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wedding band.

white color is a symbol of purity so we used 18 k white gold in this White Gold Wedding Band to start your new life with more purity and loyalty.

Ring Specifications:

  • Princess Cut Diamond Has Good Cut and Quality
  • FG VS Clarity 3 mm Princess Diamonds Total Weight 0.50 ct
  • handcrafted 18 k White gold  Bezel setting
  • Smooth Polish 18K White Diamond band measures 3.5 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This ring features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This ring Is Ready to Ship In Size US 7, So after You Place The Order It Will Take 4 to 6 Business days For Shipping.

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”14 K White Gold Wedding Band For Your Partner”

Love the classic, chic White Gold Wedding Band? These white gold diamond bands are just so breathtaking that none can keep their hands on such elegant designs and concepts. If you are a fan of delicate and bold wedding bands hang on to this article to find just the perfect one catered just for you. 

Many women love to move around freely with no bulky jewelry on them. The idea of a wedding ring stack fits just perfectly with these minimal lovers. These rings are single, delicate, and precious rings that are studded with vintage, modern, and classic diamonds enhanced with gorgeous metal tones and diamond cuts. 

White Gold Wedding Band

Check out our princess diamond band which is one of a kind diamond white gold wedding band that will fit your vibe. 

  • Our princess diamond wedding band has an awesome FG VG clarity with a carat weight of 0.50ct 
  • This white gold wedding band is paired with a 14K white gold bezel setting to give extra protection to your wedding ring
  • Our white gold wedding ring features a stunning 14K white gold polished band in a 3.5mm size that fits naturally to your hand 
  • We use recycled gold and ethically sourced stones for creating our diamond bands that adds much more meaning to your promise rings 

We offer only AAA-grade diamonds that are customizable and the favorite of many of our regular customers. 

How to pair stackable rings? 

One of the most versatile designs to opt for in a wedding band is the stackable unique wedding band. This opens a wide range of options to style your diamonds your way! 

Here are a few tips to match your elegant bands. 

  • Playful Color Combos 

Once you have a stunning diamond collection of delicate rings, you will be tempted to pair them with the rest of your diamond bands. Select opposite colors to up-game the style quotient of your outfit. Mix and match the colors and play with the personality that you wanna wear today

  • Pick your designs 

The single-banded rings are available in multiple styles and designs. You can pick geometric patterns, multilayered rings, single bands, and double intersecting bands to give a more youth personality to your day

  • Add Accent stone bands 

An accent ring is a piece of jewelry that can be used to enhance a specific style. It should compliment the ring stack overall while standing out slightly. For example, a dark blue diamond that stands out among light blue gems. Or a rough gold ring that contrasts with smooth gold bands.


Stacking bands are a fun way to show off your particular style and jewelry collection. Remember three key rules while creating the perfect ring stack. Choose one ring to be the “show stopper” first. Second, let the style of your primary ring guide you as you build the rest of your stack.

Love these ideas? Get personalized tips and customization of your diamonds and jewels with us at Rustic and Gold Jewelers