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Diamond & Ring Setting Types: Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our complete guide about diamond and ring settings! If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or just want to upgrade your jewelry collection, it’s important to know about different types of settings. In this guide, we’ll talk about various setting types, like simple prong settings or fancy halo designs. We’ll help you understand them so you can choose what suits your style best. Let’s explore diamond and ring settings together!

1. Classic Four Prong Ring Setting Types

Set the diamond of your choice in a classic and most famous four-prong setting with a plain band in 14K gold. Prong Setting is best known to hold the stone from each corner firmly, it also gives the ring a goldy and shiny look with the shine of the diamond you will set as per your wish.

Classic Four Prong Setting Types

2. Bezel Ring Prong Setting Types

A bezel setting is far different from the four-prong setting if you want to showcase the entire beauty of the diamond then a bezel setting is best for you. It holds the diamond rightly and allows you to see the complete view of the diamond, unlike the prong setting which hides the diamond from four corners. But each set has its beauty, few hide flaws of the diamond, and few show the diamond’s natural beauty.

Bezel Ring Prong Setting Types

3. V-End Ring Setting

This setting is famous for its unique V-shaped prong on the top or bottom of the diamonds with angular or sharp edges. For example, Shapes like PEar which has an edgy or sharp top will be set in v end prong and the curvy edge will be set with the two-prong which will protect the diamond tightly. Other shapes like hexagon shape, kite shape, or shield shape can be set with the V end prongs on both sides.

V-End Ring Setting

4. Four Prong Setting With Salt and Pepper Diamond Accents (S&P Diamond Setting)

Get spice up with the less pepperish but more salty diamonds in the accent stones with this four-prong setting, I have named it as S&P Diamond Setting, Adding salt and pepper diamonds to accent stones won’t let the sparkle fade instead the round brilliant cut diamond will add much of spice to your engagement ring.

Four Prong Setting With Salt and Pepper Diamond Accents (S&P Diamond Setting)

5. Cluster Diamond Setting Ring

A cluster of diamonds is Set beside the diamond, In this setting, you will get three diamonds set in a cluster of each on both sides of a center stone. The cluster diamonds mostly look gorgeous with a diamond set east-west side, But if you want to try something unique please do let me know with the help of email or chat.

Cluster Diamond Setting Ring

6. Sunburst Diamond Ring Setting

Sunburst Diamond Ring Setting is named after The diamond-set above or below the diamond looks like different rays of a rising or setting sun featured across the diamond, The Center stone can be accented with different diamonds like salt and pepper white diamonds or round brilliant cut white diamonds which will add enough sparkle to your diamond ring and increase the shine of your ring by 110%. It always comes with a pear or marquise diamond set in the middle of the round brilliant cut diamonds.

Sunburst Diamond Ring Setting

7. Halo Diamond Setting

Another famous setting that completes a ring or you can say that makes the ring look large on the finger is, Yes if you have a diamond that is smaller in size but you like things bigger on your finger then you may opt for this popular halo diamond setting where the round brilliant cut diamonds are set across the center stone covering the major part of your engagement ring.

Halo Diamond Setting

8. Bezel Sunburst Setting

A Unique Combination of Bezel Setting and Sunburst comprises of this Bezel Sunburst Setting where A the center stone is left with visible effects and the diamond set upwards or downwards on the ring reflects the shine of salt and pepper diamonds or white diamonds surrounding the ring. Setting a pear, hexagon, round brilliant cut or kite will make your diamond ring look extra. It features a tiny pear or marquise shape diamond in the middle of the sunburst setting surrounded by white or salt and pepper diamonds around it.

Bezel Sunburst Setting

9. Sunburst Diamond Band

Another hit that I’d love to create is a Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring With the Sunburst D Band or Sunburst Diamond Band, It’s almost similar to my other sunburst designs but in this, you will get the extra sparkle on the band too. It’s for someone who loves to add extra bling to their diamond ring, We can do that with multiple options of white diamonds or spice it up with less pepperish salt and pepper brilliant cut diamonds across the band and halo.

Sunburst Diamond Band

10. Halo Setting Diamond Band With Extra Sparkle.

Who Doesn’t Like More Diamonds on their engagement ring? Almost everyone does, so if you would like to add more diamond studs to your engagement ring then go for this Halo Setting Diamond Band With Extra Sparkle. It has a halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone with the extra sparkle of white diamonds or salt and pepper diamonds blazing fire when exposed to light. If you are a pro diamond lover you won’t hesitate to add this one to your dream design ring.

Halo Setting Diamond Band With Extra Sparkle

Note:- If you want to add black diamonds, or rose cut diamonds or you have a design that is not listed here you are free to contact us with the help of our email or chat. I would love to connect with you and discuss your dream ring design that will shine forever and stick close to your heart.

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