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14 K Yellow Gold 2.17 CT Raw Diamond Ring For Her

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Looking For A Unique Engagement Ring? This 14 k gold raw diamond ring Features a 2.17 CT Raw Salt and Pepper Diamond Set In a Unique Prong Setting Make It An Easy Way To Make Your Sparkling Engagement Ring Stand Out

Ring Specification:

  • One of a kind Unique Diamond has a gorgeous matrix
  • Raw Salt and Pepper diamond weight is 2.17 CT
  • 14 K Yellow Gold Smooth Polished Width is 1.4 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This raw diamond ring features recycled gold and 100 % Natural Diamonds.

Shipping Information:

  • This raw diamond ring Is Ready To Ship In a Size 6 US, So If You Need an Alternative Size Please Allow Us 1 Week Time For Resizing. Shipping Process Will Take 7 To 9 Business Days to Deliver Your Product


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”14 K Yellow Gold 2.17 CT Raw Diamond Ring For Her”

The finest weddings are made of luxurious 14 k gold raw diamond ring, happy memories, and a great destination. Cherish each moment of your wedding with the raw salt and pepper diamond ring– An amazing crafted wedding band that is here to slay. 

A wedding band that is none like ever seen before, if you love to experiment and own exotic gems only then this raw stone engagement ring is what you have been manifesting for. 

raw diamond ring

Packed with charismatic beauty, and modern and realistic raw design this uncut diamond ring is an antique piece to add to your wedding collection. 

Special edition for 14 k gold raw diamond ring at Rustic and Gold. 

Do you love all things real and natural? Check out this limited edition iconic salt and pepper diamond ring. Dreaming of that romantic rough diamond ring? Think no more! Get hooked on our all-new real diamond rings. 

raw diamond ring

The idea behind a raw women unique engagement ring. 

Hopeless romantic lovers are constantly in search of something unique for their soulmate. Romance is all about being raw and real. Keeping that idea in mind we have created a wedding band that speaks out loud in luxury, style, and authenticity. 

raw diamond ring

Be real, natural, and authentic this wedding season with natural unique engagement rings tailored to a craftsmanship that is realistically yours! 

Why choose a natural and raw diamond as your wedding ring? 

The value of raw diamonds is so much more than natural diamonds. Each diamond that is ethically sourced is 100% natural and a treat for you. Selecting raw diamonds is a win-win for many reasons, here are a few: 

raw diamond ring

  • An absolute real treat: Just like your bestow story, your engagement ring should speak about your journey. An engagement ring raw diamond speaks in luxury and romance for itself, crafted with natural tones and cut making it an original piece that is solely yours. 
  • A Creative Potential: Raw diamonds are something that holds a lot of creativity and richness for you to explore. Crafting these beauties as your wedding rings is an absolute treat for your jewelers. Moreover, these stones remind you of your romantic journey to date. 
  • Less is more: The idea of a realistic diamond for your tales is a perfect thought. These minimalistic masterpieces cost less and shine more. Due to them being rough diamonds, they rest beautifully at the top of your wedding band

A romantic thoughtful gift with the 14 k gold raw diamond ring. 

Need unique diamond rings that are crafted only for you? Check out our unique modern engagement rings. 

raw diamond ring

  • This rare rough 14 k gold raw diamond ring is crafted with a 2.17ct raw salt and pepper diamond that has an awesome matrix with a unique band setting.
  • This realistic band features a 14K yellow gold band and comes in a premium finish metal look available in 1.4mm size
  • The raw salt and pepper stone looks magnificent paired with yellow gold, if you need to custom make this band just add your requirements in the box provided to you. 

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