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14 K White Gold Lab Grown Diamond Snowflake Ring


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This 14 K White Gold and Rose Gold Snowflake Ring feature a  Round Shape Lab Grown Diamond In a Very Unique Prong Setting With Sparkly Snowflake Setting in a Rose Gold With Pave Diamond Band. Very Pretty Choice as Your Engagement Ring.

Ring Specifications:

  • Round Brilliant Cut Center Stone Has EF Color and VS VVS Clarity.
  • Center Stone Weight Approximately 0.65 CT.
  • Round Brilliant Cut Side Diamond Has EF Color and VS VVS Clarity.
  • Small Accent Diamond Weight Approximately 0.65 CT.
  • handcrafted 14 k White gold prong setting
  • The Rose Gold band measures 1.7 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Snowflake Ring features 100 % ethically-sourced Lab Grown diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring is Custom Made, So Please Select Your Ring Size From the dropdown Menu. We will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the Manufacturing process and 5-7 working days for shipping. Your ring will include a certificate of authenticity and will be sent via USPS, UPS, DHL, OR FedEx


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A unique yet stylish White gold band with pave diamonds and a prong setting with a sparkling snowflake design. A beautiful Snowflake Ring is a perfect idea for a proposal ring. This particular ring is custom-made. And yes, you can now customize your engagement ring with our experts who craft each love band with uniqueness. 

snowflake ring

We have an exquisite collection of Lab-grown diamond rings that will woo her heart away. To find out what exactly lab-grown diamonds are and how are we making each diamond more personalized for you Read This Information Carefully.

How are Lab-grown diamonds made? 

Our lab-grown diamonds are created using the small carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. Whether through the use of high temperatures, pressures, or a special deposition method called CVD, modern technology duplicates the formation process of natural diamonds. Some synthetic diamonds made through deposition may undergo pressure and heat treatment in addition to growth. Similar to how fancy colored diamonds occur naturally, man-made ones are produced when specific trace elements are present in very small levels while the diamond is growing.

The precise composition of trace elements in Lab-grown diamonds, both white and fancy-colored, may vary from that of natural diamonds.

snowflake ring

Why You Have To Choose Our Snowflake Ring?


This gorgeous piece of diamond is studded with a snowflake diamond setting making it the most elegant setting among the round-cut diamonds. 

  • The center diamond has EF Color and VS VVS Clarity.
  • Designed with a small center diamond weighing 0.65 CT.
  • When paired with a prong setting the ring 100% dazzles in beauty 
  • The gorgeous rose gold band measures 1.7mm
  • This elegant jewel is custom-made, which gives you the option to customize your engagement band as well.
  • This is a great option for couples who are looking for LAB DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS at affordable rates. 
  • You get expert advice as you shop with our chat box.

snowflake ring

How to choose your Lab-grown diamond? 

Lab-grown diamond grading reports are a significant item you should make sure you acquire with your purchase. Each lab-grown diamond will be evaluated according to its 4C’s (color, cut, clarity, and color). 

All measures, proportions, finishes, and identifications of the graded diamond will be given in the report, along with a note certifying your lab-grown diamond as such is a must. The technologies being employed as well as the caliber of the lab-grown diamond you are receiving are independently verified in these grading reports.

snowflake ring

Why choose Rustic and gold diamonds? 


We make sure that your diamonds are 100% certified and in pure form. Be it natural or lab-grown. We can guarantee you the best quality and cuts of diamonds at our place. You can rest assured with the settings and prongs when it comes to designing your perfect engagement ring. 

Get this Vintage snowflake engagement ring and many exciting lab-grown diamonds collection at Plan your wedding in style with us. Head to the chatbox for better assistance.