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14 Karat Gold Wedding Ring Lab Grown Diamond For Her, Promise Ring

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14 K Yellow Gold Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band For Modern Bride.

Ring Specification:

  • VVS VS Quality and EF Color Round Brilliant Cut 2.2 mm Diamond
  • 9 Pieces Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Approximate Weight 0.38 ct.
  • 14 K Yellow Gold band measures 1.8 mm with a smooth, polished finish

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This ring features ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • We, Will, Make Custom-Order For This Ring, So please allow 1-2 weeks for the manufacturing process. Your ring will include a certificate of authenticity and will be sent via UPS, DHL, OR FedEx.

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”14 karat gold wedding ring Lab Grown Diamond For Her”

Diamond Wedding Bands speak for loyalty and passion. The Austrian pumpkin cod first gave Mary Burgundy the diamond engagement ring in 1477. Royal houses perpetuated this tendency across Europe until it eventually expanded to other regions of the world.

There are some elements in this world that, for whatever reason, have evolved into icons. Fine Jewelry is clearly the finest and most iconic symbol in the world of engagements and weddings.

What defines a diamond as one of the best gems for a Wedding Band, though? To find the answer to this topic, keep reading this article.

Diamond Wedding Band

Ambiguity and value of the Diamond Promise Rings For Her

The diamond is a symbol of innocence, love, and immortality. It is said that this gorgeous, lovely stone gives you confidence and brings you plenty of beauty and excellence. These features give the person additional insight, imagination, spirituality, and perseverance. This priceless gem is linked to achievement, growth, and faith.

Additionally, it is said that diamond engagement rings fortify unions and forge enduring bonds between partners. It follows that the greatest way to begin a relationship with a partner is through romance and a proposal with a diamond ring.

A diamond 14 karat gold wedding ring is the prettiest attraction.

Because of the lovely light reflection, diamonds are the material of choice when purchasing an engagement ring. Every surface of the diamond serves as a mirror, reflecting light back to the observer and giving forth an alluring glow. The elegance of fire and the brilliance of a diamond are what gives it its unmistakable beauty. White light can be reflected by glow to the observer, and fire describes the quantity of light scattered. Diamond Promise Rings are particularly stunning due to their tremendous light scattering and brilliance. 


The diamond is the ideal option for an engagement ring due to its exceptional sparkle. Choose a jewel with a long life because your significant other will wear their engagement ring for many years to come.

Diamond Wedding Band

Here is why you need to check our Diamond Wedding Bands out!

In this world, there are only a finite number of diamonds, a precious form of pure carbon. Here is our version. 

  • This Lab Grown diamond is of pure VVS VS clarity
  • The diamond is composed of EF color with a round cut diamond featuring 2.2 mm in size
  • The elegance of this Wedding Ring is just mesmerizing with 9 pieces of diamonds surrounding the yellow gold band
  • The round smooth band has a sleek 14 K yellow gold finish of 1.8mm in size
  • You can customize the 14 karat gold wedding ring with us. All you need to do is add your measurements and we will take care of your  Diamond Wedding Bands

So don’t wait anymore! Grab your perfect Wedding Bands For Her. You can select your personalized styled ring with us. Explore a wide range of exotic and ethically sourced diamonds only at Rustic and Gold Jewelers

Our experts will take care of your needs. Head towards our chatbox for smooth assistance while shopping!