how to measure engagement ringHow to Measure Your Engagement Ring Size?

Do you want to know about your partner’s engagement ring size before proposing to her? Marriage is an eternal bonding. It is treasured as one of the purest forms of a relationship. An engagement ring represents that bond. It is a sign we carry after marriage that showcases the love and dedication we hold toward our spouse. This makes the ring special and unique. An engagement should not be too snug or too loose. It must be comfortable so we can carry it our whole life. This is why we should know our accurate ring size. We have curated a guide for People who are still not aware of their ring size and do not know how to measure it.

how to measure engagement ring size

Tips to find your engagement ring size

tips to find engagement ring size

Before performing the engagement ring size measurement, you should know how to check the ring size. There are a few tips to find an accurate ring size. Follow these easy steps:

how to measure engagement ring size

  1. Understand your environment and activities:

You have to analyze your environment, daily activities, and health conditions to determine your engagement ring dimensions. Pregnancy, ailments, temperature, diet, and other biological conditions can affect the size of your fingers. 


  1. The shape of your finger:

We all don’t have the same shaped fingers. Some people have tapered fingers, and some have knotted fingers. The tapered fingers are wide at their base. They need to wear a very tight ring, or it might slip from their finger. People with knotted fingers might experience some other issues while wearing an engagement ring. The knuckle at the middle is the widest part of their fingers, i.e., their engagement ring must fit over the knuckle. In such cases, the ring might move around. It can be too loose at the base of the finger as the base will be narrower than the knuckle. These people can add some sizing beads to their sparklers. It will work like a pressure point and help the ring keep in place.


  1. The bandwidth of a ring:

The bandwidth of an engagement ring determines your ring size. A ring with a thin band will not be as fit as a ring with a thicker band. It will work better if you have more metal wrapped around your finger. If you think of getting a ring with a thin band, you can get a slightly smaller ring than the thick banded rings.

how to measure engagement ring

How to make engagement ring size measurements?


There are a few processes through which you can get the correct ring measurement for yourself. Finding accurate ring sizes is not so easy, but our guide has some great tips. People are often questioning “how to find your ring size at home”? Follow the steps listed below:

Measuring by yourself: 

If you want, you can measure your ring size at home by yourself. For that, you have to get a ring-size chart printed. It has all the ring sizes of each diameter and circumference drawn in it. One can find out their engagement ring size at home through three methods:


a) Paper process: Take a thin piece of paper and wrap it around your ring finger. Keep it close to the knuckle of the finger. We choose the knuckle because it is where the ring hits. Keep it comfortable, and do not make the wrap too tight. Mark the spot on the paper where the two edges overlap with a pencil. Now measure its length against a ruler and compare the length with the circumferences available on the ring measurement chart to find your correct size.

how to measure engagement ring size


b) Ring process: Get a ring you already have that fits your ring finger best on the left hand. Place it against a ruler and get the measure of its inner diameter. Once you get the diameter measurement, compare it with the circumferences available on the ring size chart. The matching diameter size there is your ring size.

engagement ring size

c) Printable ring sizer process: Cutting out the ring sizers of the engagement ring size chart can help you measure your engagement ring size. Ensure that the printed guide is accurate. You can estimate the slot diameters against a ruler to check the authenticity. If it is correct, then cut the probable slots and put your left ring finger in it, and place the cut out at the base of your finger. Pull it gently to fit it there. The cut-out that suits you best is your engagement ring number. 

Measuring by professional:

If you think you cannot rely on the measurements you have made, you can try out another way to find your engagement ring size. You can seek help from a professional jeweler for your engagement ring measurement. They have sets of sizing rings to find out the most accurate measure of your engagement ring.

Buying plastic ring sets:

You can buy your own plastic ring measurement tool from online stores or offline to know your ring size. They are inexpensive and affordable, with multiple options available online.



how to measure engagement ring size

You love your engagement rings symbolizing your marriage and the bond you share with your partner. These rings hold a special place. They aren’t just jewelry but an oath you take with your other half. This is why it’s essential to know the diamond rings’ size. Losing them pains us as much as losing a fortune. It’s best to spend some time finding the correct ring size. Following the proper steps will make the process easier and simpler for you. We would love to help you find your diamond ring size and create a customized ring for your engagement. Contact us for more details.


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