take care of an Engagement Ring

How to Take Care of An Engagement Ring?

Your engagement ring turns out to be the most precious piece of jewelry that you own. After all, you put your heart and soul into designing its personality and unique craftsmanship. Maintaining the youth of your engagement ring is as important as taking care of your vehicle or home. Regular maintenance and damage checks keep your ring youthful forever.

Don’t know how to take care of an engagement ring? Or where to begin with? Take note of this expert guide, crafted just for your favorite engagement diamond rings.

1. Insurance & Damage Control.

“Insurance is essential to protect your financial stake in the case the item is misplaced, lost, or damaged,” says our experienced jewelry maker.

It is also important that have it every five years since the prices of diamonds and precious metals continue to rise. It will secure your engagement ring from unlike events, and damage and safeguard it with backup.

2. Regular Cleansing.

Regular Cleansing

“Regular cleansing of your entire engagement ring keeps it sparkling forever,” says our expert jewelry designer. Maintaining the sparkle of your ring can be done at home or at a jewelry shop whichever you like.

For at-home guide:

  • Make sure you use lukewarm water and dish soap solution to soak your engagement ring in for at least 10 minutes.
  • Then pat dry your ring with a microfiber cloth for excellent brilliance. It’s that simple!

3. Say No to Chemicals.

diamonds or any gemstone can be destroyed over time when exposed to strong chemicals

Despite being the toughest stone, diamonds or any gemstone can be destroyed over time when exposed to strong chemicals. Chemicals like bleach, UV ray therapy, and home-hack toothpaste or ketchup will deteriorate the brilliance of your stone immediately.

Do not opt for extra cleaning DIY YouTube hacks to make your diamond shine. Ask the experts for any help that you may need.

4. Avoid excessive wear and tear.

A faceted diamond’s base can become chipped over time. Make sure not to hit it against other hard surfaces. Avoid working out, gardening, cooking, moving furniture, or cleaning your home wearing your engagement ring, these activities can easily chip, nick, damage, or break your stone.

Our expert Monika Mangroliya suggests “Take extra care when you are wearing your engagement ring, as it is the most precious jewel”

5. Book Upkeep Appointments with Your Jeweller.

Take an extra step to care for your engagement ring. It is essential to book care appointments with your jeweler at least once a year to ensure that the prongs are secure, the diamond is not broken, and there are no superficial cracks in the band.

Checking in with professional care will allow peace at heart that your diamond is secure and in good hands.

The engagement ring is a symbol of love and devotion, let’s keep that love youthful forever using professional and personal care.

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