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0.68 ct Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Ring


This ring features a bold, Rose cut Solitaire diamond in Bezel setting  . The perfect ring for the modern bride who loves a little extra sparkle!

Ring Specifications for this Image:

  • Round Rose cut diamond has gorgeous rose-cut faceting and  matrix
  • Round rose cut diamond weight 0.68 ct + measures 6 x 6 mm
  • handcrafted 14 k Yellow gold Bezel setting
  •  yellow Gold band measures 2 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Ring features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • After you place the order, we will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the manufacturing process and 3-5 working days for shipping.

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This beautiful ring is an effortless twist on an immortal work of art. This Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Ring highlights a striking rose-cut Solitaire jewel in the Bezel setting. The ideal ring for the advanced lady of the hour who cherishes some additional radiance! This contention-free 0.68 CT Round Brilliant Cut precious stone is set in a smooth bezel setting. Antique charm meets present-day sentiment in a flawlessly set rose-cut precious stone stacked on a challenging bezel setting; the ring is excellent for vintage spirits with new perspectives. This Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Ring leaves the wearer in the esteem of the advanced plan yet returns them to the Georgian and Victorian periods. This perfect jewel look on a bezel setting is straightforward and gives a basic yet exquisite ring articulation. Suitable for heartfelt couples who incline toward a nursery setting and are captivated by roses. Each precious stone is diverse as they are cut the hard way, making each piece remarkable. 

Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Ring

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Why are Rose Cut Diamonds Unique?

The Bezel Setting Keeps the Diamond Intact and Safe

One more compensation for buying a rose cut is since it is level on the base, the stone’s size appears much more significant than its average carat weight. A bezel setting is a sort of ring that holds the gem inside an extraordinarily planned slight metal edge that incorporates the outside of the stone, keeping it secure and guaranteed while displaying its excellence. The carefully assembled scalloped bezel containing the almost incredible standard rose-cut precious stone gives this ring a uniqueness. 

This Rose Cut Diamond Bezel Ring features a beautiful solitaire wedding ring with a round rose-cut jewel set in 14k yellow gold. The stone is set in a low bezel stacked on top of the state of the art square band to stack flush with a wedding band. The bezel setting is challenging and keeps your valuable stone secure. Particularly mathematical and current the ring can bear unplanned brushes against surfaces. The element which keeps it particular is that the setting is helpful. As a result of the setting, the ring doesn’t get found out on garments and embellishments. People who live a functional lifestyle but still need a piece of history can benefit from this kind of investment. 

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