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14 K Gold Salt and Pepper Tiny Diamond Ring For Her


Special Custom 14 K Gold Tiny Diamond Ring Features Small Salt and Pepper Marquise Cut Diamond Set In The Center With Round Salt and Pepper Diamond, This Unique Tiny Salt and Pepper Ring Is Classic and Look Great and Ravish In Your Daily Wear

Ring Specifications For This Image:

  • Salt and Pepper Diamond Has a Beautiful Cut And the Matrix
  • Marquise Salt and Pepper Diamond Weight 0.1 Ct
  • Round Salt and Pepper Diamond Weight 0.020 CT
  • 14 K Yellow/White/ Rose Gold Smooth Polished Width of approximately 1.3 mm( Depends On Diamond Size)

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Ring Features Recycled Gold and Ethically Sourced Natural Diamond.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom, So We Need 1 to 2 weeks for the Manufacturing Process Shipping Process Will Take 7 To 9 Business days to Deliver Your Product

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”14 K Gold Salt and Pepper Tiny Diamond Ring For Her”

Delicately Crafted for the Modern Brides 

The modern bride needs more than just a wedding ring, they demand exquisite diamonds, crafted metal bands, and a tiny diamond ring featuring craftsmanship that is customized just for them. 

The new minimalist ring style is something you must explore if you are looking for exceptional delicate diamond beauties. 

tiny diamond ring

Minimalistic-style wedding bands are a rich concept that emphasizes the functionality and richness of a band.  Tiny diamond rings are the idea of delicate perfection that can be crafted on a wedding ring. 

This marquise salt and pepper diamond ring is crafted with romantic embellished settings using some of the most precious curated salt and pepper diamonds. 

Minimalist gold rings by Rustic and Gold. 

The diamond treasure.

This romantic proposal ring is handcrafted with our premium range of precious salt and pepper diamonds. The rich 0.1ct salt and pepper marquise diamond design sets a soft and subtle look, while the cute 0.020ct round salt and pepper diamonds add sparkle to the band. 

tiny diamond ring

This marquise ring setting is set in a contemporary style diamond ring that can be custom-created. 

Tiny Diamond Ring Band Story. 

The band is customized with the smooth 14K gold metal in the size of 1.3mm. The silky smooth gold texture of this salt and pepper ring lingers like satin on your fingers. The personalized prong solitaire setting lets you explore an enchanting era of handcrafted craftsmanship.  

We have paired this precious token of love with recycled gold whereas each diamond used in the ring is ethically sourced and aims to create a sustainable environment. 

tiny diamond ring

Love the way it fits your dream diamond ring? Select her favorite tones for a personalized gift idea to make it even more precious. 

Defining Everyday Diamond Rings

Minimal-style jewelry is one of the most comfortable and stylish diamond jewelry to flaunt. They are built on the concept of easy functionality with a blend of precious metals. The stones in such metal bands are carefully chosen to give them a balanced look. 

tiny diamond ring

Moreover, they create a sense of comfort and harmony in the wearer’s personality. These diamond ring designs for women are sophisticated, elegant, and unique. The ease of wearing these gold minimalist rings is a pleasurable experience. 

A sustainable choice. 

Salt and Pepper diamonds are far less damaging to planet Earth than the white natural diamonds. Couples who prioritize the environment must explore the natural inclusion beauty of salt and pepper diamonds. 

Brides-to-be who love to show some love and mindfulness to mother nature, a salt and pepper diamond must be your go-to gemstone this year. They are extremely sparkling, romantic, and unique gems that will portray your love for nature and the social well-being of the laborers. 

tiny diamond ring

Think smart – Choose smart with a starry diamond that revolutionizes the diamond engagement rings. 

Explore the versatility of salt and pepper minimal diamond rings only at our stores. Need help in customization? Get in touch with us today. 

We believe in crafting memories through diamonds. Get your timeless wedding rings with expert help.