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14 k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring For Daily Wear


This 14k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring features Center Lab Grown Diamond With Secret Hidden Halo For Daily Wear Jewelry, give Your Love One To Makes Her Happy.

Ring Specifications

  • Round Shape Moissanite Diamond Have Brilliant Matrix and Fine Quality
  • RoundShape Center Stones Total Weight 0.60 ct measurements- 5.4 x 5.4 mm
  • Round Brilliant Cut Accent stones Total Weight Approximately 0.13 ct
  • 14 K Yellow Gold Smooth Polished Width of approximately 1.8 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring features recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Stone.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom made, So We Need 1 to 2 Week For Manufacturing Process Shipping Process Will Take 5 To 7 Business Day To Deliver Your Product


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”Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring”

What a classic idea to gift your soulmate a solitaire moissanite engagement ring for your big day. These Lab-grown diamond halo rings are magnificent to look at. Solitaire bands, which are definitely among the most popular sets available, feature a classic exquisite aesthetic that centers on the main stone. They are also an ageless beauty of jewelry that will never feel boring. They are simpler and more minimalist than other of today’s sleeker styles.

These classic Halo solitaire rings are ideal for brides to be. Check out our masterpiece. The most traditional choice is a round-cut engagement ring in a knife-edge solitaire design. This style is excellent since it is simplistic and ageless. For many years, people have made this decision. Most women are drawn to this Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring type because of its many advantages and everlasting elegance. Prior to discovering the specific advantages. 

Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Features of our Engagement ring halo 

  • This exotic engagement ring with lab-created diamonds is of pure AAA-quality type diamond 
  • The stunning round halo engagement ring features a sleek and creative 14K yellow gold polished band in size of 1.8mm that fits just right in your hand
  • Our spectacular ring features an accent stone in size of 0.13ct that shines bright in the center of the ring 
  • The ring is perfect for everyday rings if you work all-day 
  • It is a natural diamond that is ethically sourced and is a conflict-free diamond 
  • The center stone is 0.60ct bringing the solitaire set to life with its magnificent gemstone beauty 

You can customize all your everyday Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings for women with us from a wide and selective collection of stunning diamonds we get for you. 

Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

The versatility of the Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

No matter what design cues or finishing touches are used to create the final product, solitaire diamond Halo Engagement ring are stunning. Yet in addition to being stunning, solitaire engagement rings also have a number of other advantages that will make choosing one for your forthcoming engagement much simpler.

The simplistic design of solitaires makes them quite adaptable when it comes to tying in with wedding bands. If you truly want choices, a solitaire engagement ring is a terrific choice because almost any wedding band would look lovely with one. These bands meet any other sort of jewelry and go with a variety of dress choices.

The pricing and takeaway 

You will get more rings for your buck with solitaire diamond rings due to the minimal features and accents they have. In comparison to comparably priced rings with various settings and styles, you can choose a larger center stone with superior color and clarity, giving the ring more “wow” factor.

The most traditional and ageless alternative is a solitaire ring, which has enjoyed enormous popularity for generations. No matter how fashions come and go throughout the years, they will always be in style and preserve their stunning elegance.

To Conclude 

Shop your desired Halo engagement ring settings for round diamonds with us. Reach out to Rustic and Gold for assistance.