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14 K White Gold 4 CT Black Diamond Kite Ring


perfectly imperfect.

This Black Diamond Kite Ring Features 4 Ct Kite Shape Black Diamond With Lovely Baguette Diamond Sunburst Set in a 14 k White Gold.

Ring Specifications:

  • AAA Quality Ct Black Kite Cut Diamond.
  • Kite Shape Diamond Weight 4 ct +Mesurements 16 x 9 x 4 mm
  • Marquise Shape GHSI Diamond Weigh Approximately 0.18 ct
  • Salt and Pepper Baguette Diamond Weight Approximately 0.85 ct
  • Salt and pepper Princess Diamond Weight Approximately 0.04 ct
  • 1.5 mm GHSI Quality Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Weight Approximately 0.12 ct
  • Smooth Polish 14 K White Gold band measures 1.7 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Black Diamond Kite Ring features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  •  After you place the order, it will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the manufacturing process and 3-5 working days for shipping.

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Selecting an extraordinary contemporary style engagement ring is a dream for brides in this era. It’s most important for the bride to stand out from the crowd on their wedding day, and let her flaunt her beautiful Black Diamond Kite Ring in front of her bridesmaid. Give a chance to rock the evening in every way possible. 

 Kite Cut Engagement Ring is one of the most exotic cuts in the diamond world. They are exceptionally gorgeous and feature elegance and femininity in their aura. 

The world of diamonds offers so many choices, from classic emerald cuts to brilliant round cuts, that there’s one for every single soul. 

Read our article on why you should check out this beauty. 

Black Diamond Kite Ring


Why choose the Kite Shape Diamond?

Every woman desires her Kite engagement ring to be original and perfectly suited to her personality and sense of style when it comes to diamond rings for women.

Selecting a Smoky Black Diamond Ring sports a dramatic and special style that accentuates its outstanding and original silhouette. 

Black and White Diamond Engagement Rings radiate beauty and love. Couples looking for the ideal fusion of the architectural and antique vibe will find the Black Diamond Ring to be pleasant. They exhibit a classy appearance that is the ideal fusion of retro and minimalism. When mixed with other diamonds, they enhance their look.

The cut of the diamond

With its extended design and 4 main, acute, and very well arcs, it can become more stunning and impressive. The other two longest lines come together at the opposite end, and two lines are arranged to meet on top. 

Kite Wedding Ring has become trend in decades and many stars are flaunting their wedding ring as a kite-shaped unique jewel. Why not try it yourself? Find out more about our Kite shaped wedding rings in this article.

Black Diamond Kite Ring


Our exclusive  Unique Black Diamond Ring

We invite you to have a look at this gorgeous Black Diamond Kite Ring if your taste reflects the market trend.

  • This stunning black diamond features a 4 ct diamond size with a sleek white gold band in size of 1.7mm
  • The ring comes in the AAA class diamond category only 
  • It has roughly 0.85 carats of diamonds of salt and pepper baguette gemstone
  • Flawless dazzling cut diamond of GHSI quality measures 1.5 mm and weighs about 0.12 ct.
  • This Kite shaped black diamond is 100% pure mined diamond 

If you wish to add a little spice to your wedding band, this is the perfect chance to do it!

Grab your love something they can’t resist and cherish your symbol of love forever with our excellent wedding bands at Rustic and Gold Jewelers. We make sure each love band is personalized and taken care of by our experts. 

You can sit back and enjoy your big day while we take care of your engagement rings. You can select your personal favorite love band, online on our website. Chat with us to assist you better, while you shop!