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14 K Yellow Gold Oval Shape Black Diamond Wedding Ring


perfectly imperfect.

This 14 K Yellow Gold Oval Shape Black Diamond Wedding Ring Features a 2 ct Black Oval Diamond With Sparkly Diamond  Halo. This Ring Looks Totally Royal and Stylish Like Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring.

Ring Specifications:

  • Bold and Beautiful Black (Color Treated) Oval Shape Diamond Approximately 2 ct
  • GH SI Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Total Weight approximately 0.50 ct
  • Smooth Polish 14 K Yellow Gold band measures 1.5 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Ring Features Recycled Gold and Ethically Sourced 100 % Natural Diamonds.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring is Custom-made, So We need At least 2 Weeks For The Manufacturing Process and 7 to 9 Business Days For Shipping. Your Ring Will Include a Certificate Of Authenticity And Will Be Sent Via UPS, USPS, OR FedEx.

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Feel royal in 14 K Yellow Gold Oval Shape Black Diamond Wedding Ring

The glitz and glamour that you can’t escape from. Let your eye have the pleasure of enjoying the royal Black Diamond Wedding Ring. The natural black diamond fits so elegantly in the sparkling diamond halo. Our beautiful big black diamond ring is popular amongst the collection of diamonds at our store. Nothing can compare to the richness and dynamics that this black diamond wedding ring radiates to any other diamonds in history. The ring has a smooth polish of a 14k yellow gold band giving your wedding memories to cherish. For Brides who constantly seek out daring ways to express their personal style, if defying convention appeals to you, you might want to get an edgy black diamond ring. Our oval black diamond engagement ring is stylish, mysterious, somewhat rocking and incredibly cool. They offer good value as well.

This Black diamond halo engagement ring is made of recycled gold, making it appear extra glossy. We know it’s your big day and you want to leave a statement behind. We offer world-class diamonds at the best rate you would wish for. You can not miss out on the sparkling black diamond ring

How does the Black Diamond Wedding ring get its colour? 

In this current generation, we know that the majority of naturally coloured black diamonds derive their colour from mists or dense collections of minute mineral inclusions like graphite, pyrite, or hematite that penetrate the entire stone. These diamonds could also contain a lot of blackened divides or cracks that resulted from surface modification. The concentrations of various internal components cause the colouring. A natural black diamond’s accurate body colour can actually range from nearly colourless to brown to olive green. Natural-colour black diamonds often have a high lustre that gives the stones an almost metallic appearance. They are also fully opaque. Furthermore, these diamonds can be challenging to cut and polish due to their high inclusion levels. They must be set as well.

However, a fine natural-colour black diamond is a stunning gem with a unique appearance from other diamonds sold today. In addition, they are frequently more economical than other diamonds.

Care and Caution for your Vintage Black Diamond Wedding Ring. 

Despite being renowned for their increased toughness, black diamonds are more prone to breaking from severe hits than colourless diamonds because of their numerous cracks. Black diamonds should be handled with the same care and cleaning as any other fragile gemstone: avoid using steam or ultrasonic cleaners as they may result in damage. Black diamonds are strikingly beautiful and one-of-a-kind. They may work best for a couple who has that type of relationship, which may be you and your future husband.If you enjoy the secrecy of black diamonds, you should surely check out the massive range of brilliance we have got to offer you. Enjoy the lustrous seductive feel of our oval halo engagement ring

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