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Buy 14 k Rose Gold Lab Diamond Rings For Anniversary Gift


 This 14k Rose Gold Lab Diamond rings features Center Diamond in a Prong setting with Diamond Pave Shank, To make it Sparkling and is also designed to fit every budget.

Ring Specifications

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Have Brilliant Matrix and Fine Quality
  • Round Shape Center Stones Total Weight 0.65 ct measurements- 5.6 x 5.6 mm
  • Round Brilliant Cut Accent stones Total Weight Approximately 0.18 ct
  • 14 K Rose Gold Smooth Polished Width of approximately 1.7 mm.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • These lab diamond rings feature recycled gold and Ethically Sourced Stone.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is Custom made, So We Need 1 to 2 Week For Manufacturing Process Shipping Process Will Take 5 To 7 Business Day To Deliver Your Product


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”Rose Gold Lab Diamond Rings For Anniversary Gift”

The thought of lab diamond rings keeps us guessing about how to buy them, what are they special for, and how to maintain their beauty. The idea of a lab diamond jewelry is fantastic and works well for the daily activities of your woman.  The low environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds is, of course, the major reason for their use. Yet, the luxurious aspect and the persistent suspicion that “they’re not real diamonds” is whispering in the back of our minds are the main reasons why many people are still holding off buying lab-grown diamonds.

The force of lab diamond jewellery is taking over the world. Larger-carat stones have started to hit the marketplace, and manufacturing methods have greatly improved. It is now feasible to find large solitaire diamonds in fancy shapes and hues to wear on a band or chain.

lab diamond rings

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  • Our Lab diamonds engagement rings are one-of-a-kind wedding bands that a bride must have on her big day 
  • This splendid Lab-grown diamond engagement ring has a beautiful AAA-class diamond cut 
  • The lab diamond rings have superb round cut accent stones measuring 0.18ct pairing your lab-grown diamond making it luxurious in its feels
  • The classic center stone weighs 0.65ct and has a smooth 14K rose gold band measuring 1.7mm in size 
  • The diamonds are ethically sourced and have a magnificent feature to it 
  • You can customize your engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds at Rustic and Gold jewelers 
  • Pair these stunning engagement rings lab grown with any of your outfits bound to dazzle 

This exquisite diamond is handcrafted just for your wedding day. It has a stunning Prong setting of diamond pave shank, an exclusive design crafted with love to bring out the beauty of the lab-grown diamond. 


Even a trained goldsmith cannot identify between lab-created and natural diamonds without the use of sophisticated tools. Examining the grading report is the most effective way of finding out if a diamond was created in a lab or naturally.

Only a professional gemologist uses magnification to examine the type of inclusion to determine if a diamond was mined or created in a lab. When compared to lab-created diamonds, imperfections in natural diamonds have a totally different shape. There are frequently slight variations in how a diamond shines when compared to a man-made diamond.


The lab diamond rings choice

The choice to purchase a lab-grown diamond is essentially a personal one. A lab-grown diamond can be the answer you’ve been seeking if you adore the sight of diamonds but are afraid of buying one since mined diamonds don’t reflect your particular values. These genuine gems are becoming an affordable luxury that you can enjoy with a level of tranquility that you just couldn’t obtain from diamonds that were mined.

Find your perfect love band with us. We offer a beautifully wide range of exclusive diamonds carted just for you! Now no more searching for lab-grown diamonds near me. Just explore us to know your fit.