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Elongated Hexagon Engagement Ring, 14 k Rose Gold

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perfectly imperfect.

This Elongated Hexagon Engagement Ring features a bold, Hexagon Salt and pepper diamond in our signature bezel setting and a contrasting side white diamond in a prong setting. The perfect ring for the modern bride who loves a little extra sparkle!

Ring Specifications:

  • one of a kind salt and pepper diamond has gorgeous rose-cut faceting.
  • Hexagon-shaped diamond weight 1.78 ct + measures 9 x 5.5 mm
  • handcrafted 14 k rose gold bezel setting
  • side stone white diamond Weight 0.11 ct
  • band measures 1.6 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This ring features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This ring is ready to ship in a U.S. size 6.  If you require an alternate size, please allow 1-2 weeks for our resizing process. Your ring will include a certificate of authenticity and will be sent via UPS, DHL OR FedEx.
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This Elongated Hexagon Engagement Ring highlights a vital Hexagon Salt and pepper jewel in our unique bezel setting and differentiating side white precious stone in the prong setting. The ideal ring for the advanced lady of the hour who adores some additional radiance! Perfect for those who love precious antique stones and are searching for something special, they realize no two antique jewels are similar. These precious stones have a hint of warmth and don’t look like jewels that you can buy anyplace.

This extraordinariness and genuineness give them a superior association with the precious stone and ring we are making for them to cherish. Modest and fragile, this exemplary four-prong setting highlights an on-a-level plane set gemstone and has an adjusted inside edge for expanded solace. 


An in-vogue take on ageless: The Elongated Hexagon Engagement Ring is set in salt and pepper diamond along with three white diamonds on its side. It is a review in duality. Good, yet present day. Solid, yet female. Basic, yet lavish. Like a cutting-edge lady, it opposes a solitary classification.

What’s so special about this Elongated Hexagon Engagement Ring?

What’s more, the look? Lavish in its detail, from the complemented band to the paw prongs in 14 k Rose Gold. It is a ring that orders a second, then, at that point, a third look. Since these jewels are less uncommon than more customary precious stones, their value focuses can likewise be a more reasonable and extraordinary approach to track down a nice ring with the sturdiness of the jewel at a tremendous cost.


What Are Ethical Alternative For Diamonds?

This eye-finding Elongated Hexagon Engagement Ring holds the middle stone with east- west paw prongs in a jewel-adorned setting. This spectacular ring characterizes an east-west diamond ring that mixes boho style with the current geometric plan. The ring is a genuinely novel custom wedding band that takes the less common direction at pretty much every turn. 

An ideal shape for those needing something one of a kind. A precious hexagonal stone is a six-sided structure, offering an extraordinary jewel shape. With their sleek lines and current trends, these hexagonal jewels can be almost sure that no one else will have a similar wedding band as you. This shape gives a unique appeal, but on the other hand, it’s a new and present-day take to the commitment custom. In addition, in a market where plan prospects are boundless, hexagonal-shaped rings can be worn to be more attractive, or you can select a subtler yet striking style.