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14 K Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set, Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring


perfectly imperfect.

This 14 K Rose Gold salt and pepper diamond engagement ring set feature a Kite Shape Salt and Pepper Diamond In a SunBurst Setting With Matching Salt and Pepper Diamond Wedding Band. The perfect wedding ring set for the modern bride who loves Uniqueness!

Main Ring Specifications:

  • one of a kind Kite Shape Diamond has a gorgeous matrix.
  • Kite Shape Salt and Pepper diamond weight 1.22 ct + measures 10 x 7.5 x 2.6 mm
  • Salt and Pepper Pear Diamond Weight 0.12 ct.
  • small White salt and pepper diamond total weight of 0.09 ct
  • handcrafted 14 k Rose gold prong setting
  • Rose Gold band measures 1.6 mm

Wedding Ring Specifications:

  • Pear Shape Salt and Pepper Diamond Approximate Weight 0.36 ct
  • Salt and Pepper Round Brilliant Cut White Diamond Weight 0.24 ct
  • handcrafted 14 k Rose Gold setting
  • The Rose gold Diamond band measures 1.5 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring Is ready To Ship For Size 6 US, So If You Have an Alternate Ring Size Please Select It From Dropdown Menu. We will take approximately 1 week for the Resizing process and 5-7 working days for shipping. Your ring will include a certificate of authenticity and will be sent via USPS, UPS, DHL, OR FedEx


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14 K Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Are you ready to own something marvelous? This is your chance to grab a Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set. The elegant kite-style engagement ring gives a modern look to the feminine side.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set

How to find your perfect Salt and Pepper diamond?


These elective diamonds look wild, uncomplicated, and enigmatic. Winter white, milky, silver, dark grey, or black with discernible speckles are all acceptable base colors.

They are available in arbitrary white, black, and grey combinations. The galaxy diamond is the rarest form of salt and pepper diamond. When viewed carefully, they resemble a galaxy since they are predominantly dark with a few white specks peeping through.

The Cut of the diamond

The majority of salt and pepper diamonds are shaped like roses. This style has a low profile and a flat back with provides on top. This traditional style’s broad surface area enhances the diamond’s shine.

To highlight the natural character of these diamonds, many people favor a rougher cut. You can pick a ring that matches your aesthetic preferences.


Diamonds with a salt and pepper finish have gained more popularity recently. The cost rises as demand for the rare diamond does. In contrast to colorless diamonds, the price of salt and pepper diamonds is determined by demand.

These diamonds are typically in great abundance, although demand is not always high. Salt and pepper diamonds are valuable because they are diamonds. These jewels are rare no matter what hue they are.

The galaxy diamond is one of the most costly kinds of salt and pepper diamonds. The little white inclusions appear to star in the night sky despite the dark base’s heavy light absorption. When compared to other salt and pepper diamonds, the value is increased by this unique design.

What Is Special About This Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set?


 Crafted with small white salt and pepper diamonds, you are about to rock your engagement day. With the craze for Kite Cut Diamond Engagement Ring raising in recent years, it would be a pleasure to serve you the best Engagement Ring Set in town. 

The beauty of the rose gold diamond band is smoothly crafted under the ring set. Kite wedding rings are currently very trendy, and the salt and pepper pear diamonds on this ring make it a one-of-a-kind piece to get. 

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set

For the brides who love to experiment with their regular diamonds. This graceful wedding ring will add a charismatic element to your wedding day.

The Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set is handcrafted with a 14k rose gold setting, giving your wedding dress a complete look to sparkle the evening. The salt and pepper diamond in the ring is natural and ethically sourced, making it premium and exclusive. 

To wrap things up, you can shop for your exclusive kite-shaped engagement rings with us at You can also check out the wide range of precious collections of diamonds we offer. To place an order you can simply click on buy now.