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14 K Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant For Anniversary Gift


perfectly imperfect.

This Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant features a Combination Of Salt and Pepper Diamonds and White Diamonds. The Perfect and Unique Gift For Anniversary and Birthday for Your Love!

Note: No Chain Including Only Pendant

 Pendant Specifications:

  • One-of-a-kind Salt and Pepper Diamond has gorgeous rose-cut faceting and Rustic matrix
  • Salt and Pepper Round-shaped Rose Cut diamond weight Approximately 1 CT + measures 2.5 mm
  • 1.7 mm White GH SI round brilliant cut Diamond Total Weight Approximately 0.23 Ct.
  • Handcrafted 14 k Rose gold Prong setting

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This ring features natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This Pendant Is Custom-made, So After You Place an Order We Need a Minimum 2 weeks For the manufacturing Process, and % to 7 Business days For Shipping.


Your perfect Anniversary Gift is a “14 K Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant.” 

She deserves the world. Gift her an extraordinarily crafted Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant from rustic and gold. We believe in creating each diamond for your loved ones an extra special treat. This one-of-a-kind pendant is a perfect timeless treasure that she can own. Win her heart, time and again, with this piece of art as an anniversary gift.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant

An exclusively rare piece of salt and pepper diamond jewelry that you won’t want to miss out on. This pendant is exceptionally bonded with Salt and Pepper Diamonds and White Diamonds giving that extra luxurious finish to your outfit.  

If you are searching for a perfect birthday Gift or anniversary gift, this is it. The pendant has a beautiful rose-cut faceting and Rustic matrix. Gifting this as a present to your woman can always be the right choice. This particular pendant rose cut diamond weighs around 1 CT and measures 2.5 mm, which will look gorgeous around the neckline. 

This handcrafted piece of 14k rose gold is a natural beauty and adds a touch of nature-inspired sophistication to your look. We love this unique diamond pendant as it flawlessly fits your beautiful personality. 


How is The Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant unique? 

Black (pepper) and white (salt) imperfections are frequently found in salt and pepper diamonds. A diamond appears darker with pepper inclusions, cloudier, and hazier with salt inclusions.

These blemishes develop together with the diamond. The crystal has been exposed to carbon, minerals, and other diamonds for billions of years. These components come together to form inclusions, which are long-lasting marks. When compared to traditional diamonds, salt and pepper diamond inclusions are more numerous and obvious. Therefore, the Salt and Pepper necklaces are a perfect choice for her. 

Salt and pepper diamonds are more exclusive in comparison to clear diamonds. Some jewelers may try to persuade you that there is less waste. However, mines are still being dug and these diamonds are still in use.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Pendant

The Salt and Pepper diamonds are inclusive in nature; they sparkle with brilliance and give a glowing effect and shimmer to your necklace. After hearing this, we know you are eager to shop this exceptional piece of high-end jewelry.

On this note, we suggest you opt for a unique salt and pepper diamond pendant set for your love. The clustered finish of this pendant cannot be found anywhere. It is a perfect feminine piece of Salt and Pepper Diamond and a must-have in your jewelry collection. 

Own this masterpiece from the heavens straight on your neck. We know “Diamonds are girls’ best friends” and we are dedicated to making classic and elegant-looking salt and pepper diamond jewelry just for you. You Can Also Buy a matching Salt and Pepper Diamond Stud With This Beautiful Pendant To Complete Your Look.

To know more about our range and classic Salt and Pepper diamond edition. You can check out our website at or simply DM us on our website and our executive will guide you in the purchase. Grab your Salt and Pepper Diamond now!


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