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14 K White Gold Lab Created Diamond Ring


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This 14 K White Gold Lab Diamonds Ring features a  Round Shape Lab Grown Diamond In a Prong Setting With Sparkly Pave Diamond Band. Very Pretty Choice as Your Promise Ring.

Ring Specifications:

  • Round Brilliant Cut Center Stone Has EF Color and VS VVS Clarity.
  • Center Stone Weight Approximately 0.60 CT.
  • Round Brilliant Cut Side Diamond Has EF Color and VS VVS Clarity.
  • Small Accent Diamond Weight Approximately 0.18 CT.
  • handcrafted 14 k White gold prong setting
  • The White Gold band measures 1.6 mm

Ethical Sourcing:

  • This Lab Diamonds Ring features 100 % ethically-sourced Lab Grown diamonds and recycled gold.

Shipping Information:

  • This Ring is Custom Made, So Please Select Your Ring Size From the dropdown Menu. We will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the Manufacturing process and 5-7 working days for shipping. Your ring will include a certificate of authenticity and will be sent via USPS, UPS, DHL, OR FedEx


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How To Select Your White Gold Lab Created Diamond Ring?

A Lab diamond ring is one of the most beautiful proposal rings you can opt for. This 14k White Gold lab created diamond ring is an exceptionally gorgeous option to choose as your wedding band.

When choosing your Lab-grown diamond ring for the first time do good research before laying your hands on lab-grown diamonds.

Don’t let gorgeous, high-quality lab-created diamonds pass you by in your search for the ideal ring. Discover why a Lab-grown diamond can be the ideal method to express your love by reading about it!

lab diamonds ring

Why Choose White Gold Lab Created Diamond Ring? 

The beauty of Lab-grown diamonds is equal to mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamond engagement rings have much in trend for the past years. These lab-grown diamonds are made of real carbon atoms organized in the typical diamond crystal structure.

Since they are composed of the same substance as real diamonds, they have similar chemical and visual characteristics.

Spot the difference between Natural & Lab-grown diamond 

Examining the grading report is the most effective approach to distinguishing between lab-grown and natural diamonds.

Magnification is used to examine the type of inclusions to help a professional gemologist determine if a diamond was mined or created in a lab. A lab-created diamond has inclusions that seem quite different from those in a genuine diamond.

The way a diamond reflects light varies from time to time compared to a man-made diamond. However, generally speaking, you cannot tell the difference between a lab-created and a natural diamond when comparing them. Only certain experts could find that too with the help of tools.

So go get that High-quality Lab-created engagement ring for her today!

lab diamonds ring

Follow the 4C’s

The four Cs of lab-grown diamonds should be taken into account, just like when purchasing classic mined diamond rings. This will make it simpler for you to determine which ring to buy by allowing you to assess the overall aesthetic worth of the ring.


However, because lab-grown diamonds are substantially more affordable than their mined counterparts, it is typical for consumers to select diamonds that weigh between one and three carats.


Wedding rings with fancy-colored diamonds are an excellent choice for people who want to stand out. Red, green, blue, yellow, and orange are a few of the many colors that can be used. Three of the most essential aspects considered when grading the stone are color, tone, and saturation.


Depending on how a lab-grown diamond is created, microscopic metallic inclusions and black patches are frequently present.


With synthetic diamonds, jewelers can achieve greater cuts. The cut may be elegant or rounded. Emerald, princess, and cushion are some of the most popular diamond cuts, and each will have an impact on how the stone appears in a wedding ring.

In conclusion

We hope we made it clear how to choose your next White Gold Lab Created Diamond Ring.  You can shop for your next proposal ring at

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