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Salt and Pepper diamonds are rich sparkling diamonds that are nature’s best gift to humans. The pepper diamonds are the finest picks to design an engagement ring for its unique inclusions. They are just as unique as your soulmate. Discover the captivating allure of salt-and-pepper diamond Engagement rings, where unique inclusions create a distinctive and stylish expression on our collection.

Dive into the pure pleasure of a glitzy and glamorous black-and-white galaxy of salt and pepper diamonds.

An artisanal treat.

Explore our online collection and fall in love with the alluring beauty of Pepper diamond Engagement rings, offered in captivating shapes and designs. Here are a few top-trending styles for you to check: 

Pear Cut: For royal cut lovers, this style is perfect for you to explore your fancy cuts. The pear cut portrays royalty and femininity, these cuts are known for their rich sharp edges. The pear cut gives your Engagement ring a slim and slender look. 

Round Cut: The round cut is a classic cut to explore in salt and pepper diamond Engagement rings. The round cut lets you enjoy the unseen inclusions that hide in the facetings. Round-cut salt and pepper diamonds pair amazingly with almost every setting and give a sparkling look when chosen as accent stones. 

Marquise: One of our favorites is the marquise salt and pepper diamond rings. The cut is designed for comfort and artistic diamond-cut lovers. The marquise is a great choice if you are looking for a unique design for your Engagement surprise. 

Kite-shaped: A geometric artwork is a kite-shaped salt and pepper diamond Engagement rings. This artisanal beauty is a masterpiece when crafted with salt and pepper stone. The galaxy diamond gives more definition and precision to the shape. Moreover, the kite diamond is built for all art lovers.

Hexagon: A versatile star to add to your collection is a hexagonal salt and pepper diamond. This cosmic delight design is an innovative style of Engagement ring that is crafted just for your unique love. This rare design was prestigious and loved by many in the 1900s.

Shield Cut: Shield cut salt and pepper diamond is a neat and edgy style to pick. The design gives exceptional detailing to the center of the stone and allows the wearer to flaunt the beauty of the cosmic galaxy paired with iconic design. 

Oval-Cut: The shimmer and depth of diamond that an oval cut possesses is unmatched by any other design. Salt and Pepper diamond when crafted in oval cut is a piece of art to watch. Each faceting allows the watchers to witness a sparkling inclusion of the setting. 

Emerald-Cut: The impressive emerald cut style Engagement ring is one of the most loved designs by many customers. The design portrays sophistication, richness and high-end choice of diamond selection. When salt and pepper diamond is craved in emerald cut it gives a fantastic gleam to your Engagement ring.

Salt and Pepper diamonds are the true glory of your engagement ring. Select your favorite piece without ripping off your pockets.  At Rustic and Gold, we customize your lovely Engagement Ring starting from the range of $300 up to $1200 depending on your personalization choices.

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