How to Wear an Engagement Ring

Wedding bells, giggles, tears of joy, and the vows that tie your souls for eternity are a celebration that is cherished only once in your life.Make this moment, a celebration of a lifetime with a rare gemstone studded engagement ring. Tell your soulmate how much you love them with a custom-created diamond ring styled to perfection just for them.

Find out our expert’s recommended how to wear an Engagement Ring, style guides, aftercare, and tips to maintain your love ring forever.

Meaning of Engagement Ring:

Meaning of Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are ancient traditions of tying your heart and soul together for eternity. They symbolize commitment, devotion, and a promise to fulfill forever.

Nowadays, engagement rings are celebrated with much more compassion and love due to the knowledge of versatile diamonds and unique craftsmanship by men.

Engagement rings are found to be a physical symbol of your love story and the more unique its craftsmanship the more people are interested in finding out about your story.

The material, stones used, patterns and aesthetics play an important role in the detailed craftsmanship of your ring.

Knowing this is important when you’re looking for the perfect ring, which you can learn more about in the Engagement Ring detailed guide to choosing the right size, style, and quality for your special someone.

Worn close to the heart they are the utmost important bond to keep your love alive.

How do you craft a perfect-fitting engagement ring?

How do you craft a perfect-fitting engagement ring1

If you are looking for a seamless engagement ring that fits her in one go, this guide is the superhero of your story. Crafting a band that is both comfortable and stylish should be the goal of your journey.

Borrow her existing ring: One of the best ways to get the size right is borrowing her ring without her knowing, since it’s gonna be a surprise you don’t want it to be a spoiler.

Take help from her family: Asking her mother or sister to get her size is a perfect way to get the details as well and it shows to the family that you care.

Sneak into the Conversation: A simple way to get her ring size would be to ask it herself. Bring it up in a conversation casually.

Once you’ve gathered the specifics, you can make use of our online size chart for a precise and comfortable fit for the ring.

Check out our blog post on How to Measure Your Engagement Ring Size to ensure you get the perfect measurement before making your choice.

Select a comforting style

Select a comforting style

Not every engagement ring is meant to fit and relax perfectly. You can select solitaire, a bezel setting, an eternity ring, or other options. Everything depends on what your partner enjoys to wear and feels comfortable in.

Each style has its comfort that your partner might love. Whether they love a thick style ring or enjoy the simple gold bands, the details are essential. So select wisely!

The right way to wear your Engagement Ring

how to wear an Engagement Ring

The best way to flaunt your engagement ring is by wearing it on the fourth finger of your left hand. Both women and men must wear the ring on the same finger. There is an ancient Roman belief that the finger traces the “ Vena Amoris” meaning the vein of love that connects directly to the heart.

The style also signifies your devotion towards your partner when you were the band on the same finger of the hand.

Popular Engagement Ring styles

Popular Engagement Ring styles

Engagement rings are a perfect blend of love and creativity. It reflects your personality and style in many ways. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring styles to check out.

Solitaire Engagement Rings: The Crisp and clear outline of the solitaire makes it a perfect band to cherish. You can select a contemporary hue to match the minimalistic style of the band.

Vintage Engagement Rings: Lovers who are hopeless romantics must unravel the divine beauty of flawless vintage craftsmanship that is unique and crafted only for them. You can pick her favorite artwork or palace to add meaningful artistry to the ring.

Modern Engagement Rings: These are crafted for minimalist style lovers. For couples who love lightweight jewelry with a hint of creativity, this style is for you. You can make it special by adding initials, and dates or engraving your partner’s name on it.

The Mini Care Guide.

engagement ring mini care guide

Engagement rings are special, adorable moments of life that you don’t wish to wash away with time. So here are some tips to remember for the aftercare part.

The Wear Care

It is a delight to keep your love close to your heart. Depending on the metal type of the band, it must be restricted to certain events and places. For instance, 14K gold metal must be kept far from sunlight, water, and chemicals.

Whereas, Platinum must be strictly prohibited in pools, gardening, workouts, and near chemicals. Chances are you would lose the shine and scratch your delicate love bands.

Engagement Ring Maintenance

To keep the elegance of your diamonds and metals evergreen you must get your delicates checked every 6-12 months, depending on their usage. It is crucial to check for any mishaps or damages caused to the stone or the band over the years.

Make sure to choose the right jewelers for the job, as the experts can easily find and re-correct the loosened stones and revive the shine of your precious love symbol.

Pro Tip

To keep your diamonds and metals everlasting and a heirloom to the family, you must use this secret. Wash your delicate engagement ring with warm water and soap once in a while to dust off sand or particles that settle on them.

Every purchase made at Rustic and Gold can be brought in for check-ups and diamond health checks. You can get your engagement rings maintained and customized over time with us. Moreover, if you wish to change the settings over the years, you are welcome to visit our online stores.

Explore a wedding grandeur at Rustic and Gold, we offer unique customization and a rich diamond collection. However, the aftercare guides are here to help you keep your diamonds sparkling forever.

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